US-based technology giant Apple has been around for the last few years. Corellium

A company named is in lawsuit. This company creates a virtual version of iOS, allowing research on iOS applications and operating system. Apple is that by arguing that it is unlawful is trying to disable Corellium, which serves many cybersecurity companies. Now, between these two giant companies new thriller started to happen.

In one of our content that we shared with you in the past weeks, Apple’s to prevent child abusefrom an application it implemented we mentioned. Within the scope of this application, the company would scan the content uploaded to iCloud and detect whether there were pornographic images among these contents. Apple won’t be content with just that, in case it detects child abuse law enforcement forcedollarserine would notify. However, reactions to this type of scan upgraded. In fact, Apple has made a new statement regarding the transaction. made a statement.

Corellium also wanted to test Apple’s new app that allows scanning iCloud:

Apple and Corellium have already been sued for copyright reasons by the company that has been simulating the iOS ecosystem since 2019. However, Apple’s decision on child abuse put the two companies a bit more nervous. Because Corellium aims to address this issue as well and how the feature works wanted to review. Acting immediately on the subject, Apple filed a new copyright lawsuit against Corellium. However, this apple lost the case, seems more ambitious now.

Apple concludes lost copyright lawsuit against Corellium took action to appeal. So the company wants to keep Corellium out of the iOS simulation no matter what. This objection was described as interesting by industry experts. Because Apple, while doing its best not to prolong this process in the previous periods, now it is the situation had changed. In the statements made by Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton, it was stated that Apple is trying to both prevent security research and pretend to be a security expert. How to end the tension between Apple and Corellium for now remains obscure.

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