Allen ‘Splave’ Golibersuch, who started overclocking attempts early, recently increased his Core i9-12900K processor to 6.8 GHz and broke a record in Geekbench tesdollar series. Another overclocker, HiCookie, managed to boost Intel’s flagship CPU to 8 GHz with liquid nitrogen. The overclocker also increased the DDR5 memory from 4,800 MHz to 8,300 MHz.

Considering that processors such as Core i9-12900K, Core i9-11900K (7.3 GHz) and Core i9-10900K (7.7 GHz) cannot approach the 8 GHz barrier, it proves that it is a very successful chip in overclocking. The new chip has already set several world records and we can expect much more once the Alder Lake embargo is lifted.

Since the overclocker is backed by Gigabyte, it naturally used the manufacturer’s hardware to achieve this feat. On the motherboard side, the Z690 Aorus Tachyon model, which has only two DDR5 memory slots, was preferred.

Using a single Gigabyte DDR5-4800 (GP-ARS32G62D5) module as memory, HiCookie went up to a frequency as high as 8300 MHz. However, he had to pull the timings to 52-52-52-100 to get to this level.

Intel’s Alder Lake processors have been available for pre-order since a week ago and are starting to go on sale worldwide as of November 4.

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Michael Lewis


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