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Intel, which has regained the performance crown with its 12th generation processors, code-named Alder Lake, continues to release its power-saving-oriented models in the processor market. The Core i5 12400 is also a processor in this direction.

You can find the fine details of Alder Lake architecture in our article. This video will focus more on this processor.

Core i5 12400 comes with 6 Golden Cove cores and has 12 threads in total.

The processor has 6 cores and these are high performance cores called Golden Cove. Each of these 6 cores has 2 threads, so we have 12 threads in total. This means that there are no power-saving cores in the processor. If you remember, Intel followed a hybrid approach with Alder Lake architecture. The company used a combination of Golden Cove cores, which it called P-core, which stands for performance core, and Gracemont architecture, which it called E-core, which stands for efficient core. According to the power requirement of the application used, the workload was divided among these cores as amic.

The short answer is yes, it’s still enough, you will see it in the test results soon. As for the long answer, as you know, in recent years, both AMD and Intel, but especially AMD, have spoiled us by throwing cores at us. They entered into great competition and rapidly increased the number of cores, and software engineers kept up with these changing trends, allowing the applications and games we use to benefit from more cores more effectively. We no longer use 4 core gold even in the simplest computers where we only do office work. I can say that 6 cores is the minimum number of cores that should be preferred by those who prioritize getting high FPS in games. Games today can use a high number of cores effectively. 8 cores is already the ideal number at the moment, and when you go above it, the performance increase you get starts not to do the money you pay.

Like the entire Alder Lake processor family, the 12400 is produced with 10nm production technology and uses the LGA1700 socket. Speaking of LGA 1700, let me open a little parenthesis here. You need to get a kit from your manufacturer in order to use your processor coolers released before LGA 1700 with this Sokedollarse, the old Intel kidollarseries out of the box are unfortunately incompatible with LGA1700.

12400 It has a thermal design value of 65W. This makes this processor a power efficient model. We will look at the temperatures together in the game tesdollar series soon and I can say that it is at a very good point in that regard, it is not difficult to guess why. The operating frequencies of the 12400 are also slightly lower than its older brothers. The idle operating frequency of the processor is 2.4Ghz, the turbo operating frequency of all cores is 4.0Ghz, and the single core turbo operating speed is 4.4Ghz. In our game tesdollar series, although the core frequencies are usually 4Ghz, we have seen 4.2 from time to time.

Speaking of the game tesdollarseries, I would like to mention our space assembly system that we use to test the processor. Our motherboard in the system was MSI MAG B660M Mortar Wi-Fi.

We are testing on MSI MAG B660M MORTAR Wi-Fi motherboard.

The motherboard supports current technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E.

This is a motherboard that comes fully loaded even though it has affordable prices in Micro ATX size. Wi-Fi 6E, the most up-to-date Wi-Fi standard, 2.5 Gigabit ethernet port, and 20 Gigabit/s USB Type-C port are some of them.

Let’s take a brief look at the front of the motherboard on this occasion. We see all silver on the heatsinks and black on the rest of the motherboard. There are 2 8-pin CPU power sockets, which makes the motherboard suitable for those who want to overclock.

We used Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060Ti with reference cooler as a graphics card.

In the system, we used Cooler Master’s 1050W modular power supply, MSI’s Core Liquid S360 processor cooler and Kingston’s 5200Mhz Fury Beast 32GB DDR5 memory kit as the memory kit.

Test Core i9-9900K Core i9-10900 Core i9-11900K Ryzen 9 5950X
Core i9-12900K
Core i5 12400
CPU-Z Benchmark 699. 7
Blender BWM CPU 02:40 Crashed 02:26 01:43 01:32 03:23
Blender Fishy Cat CPU 00:23 00:30 00:26 00:25 00:14 00:20
Corona 1. 3 01:38sec 01:19sec 01:20 00:48 00:57 02:01
Handbrake 06:09sec 05:17sec 04:36 03:59 03:26 06:09
Cinebench R23 1T 1649 1600 1967 1618
Cinebench R23 nt 16394 24538 27402 12439
Game Settings Resolution Minimum FPS Average FPS / Score Maximum


%1% FPS 0%. 1 FPS CPU Temperature
Mount & Blade Bannerlord Very High 1440p 48 135 165 84 80 36
PUBG Ultra 1440p 116 156 282 109 60 44
Red Dead Redemption II Ultra 1440p 51 69 93 44
Word of Tanks Encore Minimum 1080p 51317 44

You may have noticed that the CPU temperatures are quite low in our entire game tesdollar series. This is due to both our CPU cooler being a bit overkill and the fact that the CPU’s power consumption was quite low throughout the test. We only had this 3-fan model compatible with LGA 1700, so we used it, but even a 240 ready liquid cooler would be more than enough for the 12400.

When we compare the results in the game tesdollar series with the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, we see that AMD gives lower values ​​between 8 and 12 FPS. This tells us that it is time for AMD to bring its next processors to market.

While 12400 isn’t bad for professional jobs like rendering and editing, the i5 12600K might be better for those jobs due to its higher core count. If we talk on the basis of pure acting, you do not need more cores and higher operating frequencies. I can say that 12400 is quite enough and 6 cores do its job extremely well.

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