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Previously Ticaret ı Mehmet Muş , during the budget negotiations at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Plan and Budget Committee, popularly , also known as “parallel import” , made by importers other than distributors. announced that they had taken action on vehicle imports and that they had taken the imports to inspection in order to determine the customs duty correctly.

Today, the Trade Office has issued a new circular on this issue on “customs valuation procedures in vehicle imports performed by importers other than distributors” . It is aimed to determine the customs value more accurately according to its equipment and features.

In the Circular, it was reminded that in accordance with the Customs Law, the persons dealing with customs procedures are responsible for providing all necessary documents and information and providing all kinds of assistance within the time decided upon the request of the administration. It is stated that it is appropriate to apply the transaction within the framework of the rules determined in the vehicle imports. In the circular issued, the rules to be followed in vehicle imports were determined as follows:

  • Whether the vehicle subject to import is imported as a distributor will be determined by examining the contracts to be obtained from the importer.
  • In case of reasonable doubt as to the reality or accuracy of the declared customs value, action will be taken from the declarant by requesting additional substantiating information and documents to be determined by the customs administration, in accordance with the Customs Law and secondary regulations, regarding the valuation methods and value research and inspection. .
  • If there is a distributor of the vehicle subject to import, the value information obtained from the distributor will be considered as data in the determination of the customs value, within the framework of the provisions of the legislation regarding customs value.
  • The approved copy of the export declaration of the vehicle, prepared by the customs office of the country of export, and the one prepared by the manufacturer at the first sale of the vehicle, will be attached to the declaration and this matter will be checked by the customs administrations. The inspection and/or control procedures of the declarations to which the said documents are not attached will not be completed.

International research will be conducted if necessary

Also in the circular, data card (technical) Evsaf card), this card was also requested to be added to the declaration. Accordingly , the rules to be followed were determined as follows:

  • Whether the items added to the declaration comply with the issues specified in the Customs Regulation, and additional equipment and accessory information on the vehicle in such cases. It will be checked with the
  • While the inspection or control of the goods is carried out, it will be specifically examined which standard and/or additional equipment and accessories are on the vehicle, whether they are within the scope of the standard equipment or not, and if they are, whether they are specified separately.
  • In any case, in order to determine the declared customs value and/or the hardware and accessories in the vehicle, information about the equipment and accessories and the value of the vehicle will be requested from the America distributor of the relevant brand, based on the chassis number of the vehicle. In the absence of a distributor, a technical report on the accessories and equipment of the vehicle will be requested from the relevant departments of the universities.
  • In case of a need to go to foreign research, the reasons for needing foreign research will be stated in the request letter in a clear and understandable way in order to get a response from the exporting country.

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