US-based technology giant Apple will announce brand new iPhone models as part of an event it will probably hold in September. With only a few days left until the event, there has been another important development regarding these phones. Images from China show Apple’s new iPhone models ” iPhone 13“.

In fact, the possibility of Apple using the name iPhone 13 was accepted by all segments. In fact, we have always used the phrase iPhone 13 for these phones. However, the number 13 superstitions that are unlucky was raising claims that Apple could name the iPhone 13 and come up with the name iPhone 14. A Twitter user named DuanRui saw and served on Weibo and Images showing the packaging of iPhone models demonstrates that Apple will not heed this superstition.

Here are the packaging in which the phrase iPhone 13 is officially used

The interesting thing is that consumers in the USA, in particular, are seriously obsessed with this number 13. In fact, a survey was conducted with the participation of consumers who are considering purchasing new iPhone models a short time ago. Participants in this survey 20 percent stated that Apple does not want to use the phrase “iPhone 13” for new models. However, the images from China show that Apple also this year. will not break the tradition reveals.

13, why is it considered unlucky by some?

number 13, especially Christianity

unlucky for . There are also many theories about this. However, the most widely believed among the theories is that of the Prophet Jesus. Last Supper” ritual, 13 people at the table. Moreover, the person who betrayed Jesus is Judas, the 13th person at the table. Also, New York was conquered. of the year 1453

The sum of the numbers is 13.

There are also different beliefs that the number 13 is unlucky. For example, in Paganism 13. God

It is said that Loki, who was included in a feast as , spoiled the atmosphere and even the god named Balder died because of this. also Greek Mythology consists of 12 gods due to the unlucky number 13.

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