The famous Bitcoin exchange Coinbase Pro has added Braintrust (BTRST) to its platform. With this news, the cryptocurrency experienced a strong rise. With the news of the listing, Braintrust (BTRST) made headlines. Therefore, the curiosity of investors towards this crypto money has also increased. we have Cryptocoin. com

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Meet Braintrust (BTRST), the first decentralized talent network!

Braintrust is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ownership and management in the Braintrust Network is represented by the BTRST token. Cryptocurrency is used as an incentive to create a decentralized network, invite and recruit talent, and reward the community for referrals.

Braintrust is the first decentralized talent network connecting highly skilled technical freelancers with some of the world’s most respected brands such as Nesdollarse, Porsche, Adollarassian, Goldman Sachs and Nike. Braintrust’s unique business model allows people to retain 100% of their earnings and enables organizations to build flexible, talented teams on demand at well below the cost of traditional recruiting firms. This new business model, which limits fee-taking and enables community ownership, is uniquely enabled by a Blockchain token.

Braintrust uses Blockchain technology to transparently distribute control of its network to the community members who contributed to creating it. Braintrust’s Blockchain-powered model aligns the network’s incentives with the people who build it, rather than relying on a centralized platform that would otherwise be mined, by distributing control globally based on user contributions (such as talent referral, talent review, and referral clients). This not only puts more control in the hands of the community, but also helps the network grow rapidly.

Braintrust (BTRST)

How do I use ?

You can use tokens for exclusive benefits created exclusively for the BTRST community, such as free and discounted software, products, career resources, and community benefits. And the team is constantly adding new ways for Talent to use BTRST so you will always have options.

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How do I earn BTRST?

How do I earn BTRST? You can earn these tokens by:

  • Invite other freelancers to the network.
  • Inviting employers to hire talent on the network.
  • Completing the peer-to-peer review.

Where is the BTRST token used?

BTRST token holders can control the future of the network by voting with their tokens: they can decide which categories to expand, how disputes should be resolved, what the platform fees should be, what the platform rules should be, and other network governance.

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