coronavirus pandemic didn’t just upset people’s individual dreams. Every sector, from technology to food, from transportation to automotive, has taken its share from the coronavirus pandemic. Vietnam

The latest news from is whether it is beneficial or harmful for health for years. discussed seems to upset them about coffee.

Vietnam is one of the countries hit hardest by the delta variant. Due to the padollarization of the case numbers closure decision domainthe country is central to the robusta bean, which is used in espresso and instant coffee blends in particular. In fact, the production process has been so difficult that robusta fiyadollarsari, around 50 percent increased. Moreover, it is thought that the crisis will deepen gradually.

Manufacturers and exporters started to revolt

The closure decisions taken in Vietnam made it difficult for coffee bean producers and companies that export these beans. Moreover, worldwide shipping in containers Increasing shipping prices with congestion, yellow, started to revolt manufacturers and exporters alike. Sector members calling on the government said that the restraints for the coffee bean sector must be stretched, they state that otherwise the world coffee industry will suffer much more.

To make matters worse, it’s used in beverage types like American Coffee. arabicCoffee bean production is also in trouble. Drought and frost events in Brazil have increased the price of arabica beans to the highest level of the last seven years. Experts, who say that the situation will recover in 3 years at the earliest, do not give much hope. It seems that coffee prices are yellow, in the coming period. will be more expensive than now. . .

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