Clubhouse announced that it offers dark mode support on iOS and Android platforms. The live audio platform thus announced that its users can use the Clubhouse mobile application with a dark interface.

The company says in its official blog post that dark mode is a long-awaited feature for its users. The Clubhouse app for iOS and Android will now support dark mode and will basically work like any other app that already offers such a feature. Users will be able to choose to enable dark mode based on their device settings or allow dark mode to be enabled at all times.

It is stated that Clubhouse will have a „velvet dark background“ with clear text but not entirely white, instead of an all black interface. According to the platform, this move aims to make the app more comfortable for night users.

Dark mode support requires the latest version of the Clubhouse app installed on your phone. It is also underlined that it may take a few days for the feature to become available to everyone.

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