There has been a very important development regarding the iPhone 13 family, which is expected to be announced by the US-based technology giant Apple in September. An experienced Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the iPhone 13 family will come with an unprecedented feature. Basing his claim on investor nodollars, Kuo said that the iPhone 13 models when no mains says it will even allow you to make calls, send messages and even connect to the internet. So how will this be possible?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement, the iPhone 13 family Qualcomm X60 will come with a special version of modems. This version will allow users to make calls, send messages and connect to the internet in places where there is no network, thanks to satellite communication technologies. So network problem with iPhone 13 will be history.

There are some unknowns about the seamless communication feature of the iPhone 13

Ming-Chi Kuo, who is working on some satellite communication technologies for Apple’s uninterrupted communication feature. Globalstar

He states that he has to work with some companies such as . However, there are some unknowns at this point. Because it is not yet clear how such a service will be provided worldwide through satellites called LEO in mid-earth orbit. Also, Apple is the developer of Starlink for this feature. SpaceX, but Starlink is currently out of service in many countries and is still in the testing phase.

Apple will mudollarly refer to this feature during the launch of the iPhone 13 family. in September The event, which is expected to be held, may be pregnant with great things in the smartphone world. However, for such a feature without an official explanation, need to get excited. . .

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