Cisco has announced its new Catalyst industrial router product line that brings the power of enterprise networks to the edge with the flexibility, security and scalability required for IoT and digitization success. The portfolio, which offers 5G capabilities today, allows the company to run connected operations at different scales with management tools suitable for both IT and operations. The unified architecture simplifies the collaboration between IT and operations while streamlining their deployment from the business to the edge.

Most of the companies in the company obtain the opportunity to improve efficiency, customer experience and business results, with data generated at the edge. This is because the endpoints form all the places where the company serves its customers and generates revenue. The endpoint is highly versatile and used everywhere from electrical transformer stations to pipe lines to highways and the police vehicles and buses that run on them. According to Gartner, 75% of data will be produced outside of data centers in these endpoint environments. This type of growth poses new and challenging requirements.

Endpoint use cases, whether for point-of-sale stations or remote equipment, have different technological needs. Sirkedollarser often establishes an isolated connection for these environments, leading to a fragmented network architecture, resulting in more vulnerabilities and data segregation. As businesses rapidly digitize, they need a way to simplify management and security across network and endpoint devices.

Osama Al-Zoubi, CTO, Cisco Middle East and Africa: “From Enterprise endpoints to industrial endpoints with visibility, automation, and security for campuses, branches, and utilities, remote operation locations, fleets, networked elements in motion, and more. Only Cisco offers a network that covers all needs from endpoints. ”

Products covered by the new product line:

Three new Catalyst 5G Industrial Routers for secure networking of mobile and fixed elements:These new Cisco IOS XE-based routers take enterprise networking and SD-WAN capabilities to the edge. Thus, this unified architecture provides IT and operations teams with the same tools, eliminating the need for training on new devices and technologies, and increasing security. The new modular Catalyst routers support decision-making processes at the edge while improving business applications thanks to its internal endpoint operations.

New Cisco IoT Gateway Series for large-scale indoor and outdoor connectivity: With Cisco’s cloud-based IoT Operations Dashboard, this cloud-simple gateway series offers fast and simple installation at affordable cost, so you just need to connect the product to the electricity supply and turn it on to connect to the elements that have not been connected before.

The need for data means that the company will increase the number of connected devices and supported applications. As 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and new technologies become widespread, endpoints will have to adapt quickly to these technologies. For this reason, the need to future-proof the endpoints is emerging now.

The new Catalyst product line offers the scale, flexibility and security needed to adapt to new conditions as use cases change and new applications are needed. This product line provides expandable storage and a wide variety of module options for public or private cellular networks such as 5G and public connection security applications such as LTE, FirstNet, DSL and Wi-SUN. It also allows the processor and battery to be upgraded in the field.

As industry and enterprise networks converge as more components are connected, the risk of vulnerabilities at the edge increases. This growing attack surface presents complex cybersecurity challenges.

Built on Cisco’s industry-leading cybersecurity architecture, the Catalyst industrial router product line offers a holistic strategy for managing security across isolated IT and OT environments. Incorporating the Cisco Cyber ​​Vision solution, this product line provides complete visibility from business to edge. Thanks to a sensor that Cyber ​​Vision has incorporated into the industrial network, security teams can detect a range of operational context cyber threats faced by their industrial environments, enabling organizations to create a fully integrated IT/operation threat management strategy without the need for extra boxes and providers. This suite also supports secure remote access for operations and equipment monitoring/maintenance. The new Cisco Catalyst Industrial Routers are available from June.

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