To children . The books in question feed the already developing imagination and on the one hand, they give children the habit of reading books, on the other hand, they improve their reading abilities. develop faster provides.

Talking about these books, it is one of the first series that comes to mind and almost everyone from seven to seventy will know. Cin Ali series, we are here with a sad development today. Illustrating books in the series Selcuk Seymen unfortunately passed away.

Selçuk Seymen illustrated the books of the Cin Ali character revealed by Rasim Kaygusuz:

Raising millions in his hands Cin Ali, originally 1968

It appeared in . Particularly in those days, those who were newcomers to primary education were traveling companions and Rasim Kaygusuz

Character revealed by , With a series of 10 books came to life.

of these books drawings

if Selcuk Seymen had done. For children at the core of the emergence of character make it easy to read lay. Although the series was later removed from the curriculum, we can say that it was engraved with gold letters on the minds of millions and will not be easily forgotten.

Another story for children at the appearance of Jin Ali. convenience was more thought out. Within the scope of this convenience, those who want to enable children to bond with Cin Ali more easily Rasim Kaygusuz, by designing the character as a stickman made drawing easy.

The Cin Ali series with 10 books, illustrated by Selçuk Seymen, is still accessible on the internet. If you want to make nostalgia or if you want to see one of the educational materials used in primary schools in the 70s, you can take a look at the series in question.

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