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The chip crisis is a concept that we have been hearing frequently, especially since the first days of 2021. As one of the biggest consequences of the pandemic that has affected the whole world,chip crisis is closely related to many sectors, especially the automotive sector.

The chip crisis, which is said to have shocking effects for the technology world with the statements coming from the industry giants, is now in danger of growing with a completely different problem. in Taiwandrought that has been showing for months, in a country that supplies more than half of the world’s chip productionendangers production facilities. At the same time, besides the drought, since the beginning of the epidemic in Taiwanthe number of cases reaching the highest levels also poses a threat.

Taiwan’s impact could hit the entire industry:

The world’s largest chip makerTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and all other chip manufacturers in the country began to ring the bells. Only TSMC during chip manufacturing 156 thousand tons of water per day is using. In chip manufacturing, water is used to clean the dozens of metal layers that make up a semiconductor.

From the National Taiwan University, which makes statements on water use.electrical engineer Jefferey Chiu, ”There are billions of transistors on a chip and we need lots of metal layers to connect all the signals together. After each process is finished, the surfacewe need to clean again and again” explained the importance of water in chip production.

Due to the ongoing water shortage in the countryrestrictions have been made in the supply of tap water and it is thought that this situation will also hit the production facilities in the future.

TSMC is taking measures to combat water shortages, such as increasing recycling rates and transporting water. TSMC officials, thanks to existing water protection measuresthat production has not been adversely affected so far says. But the reservoir at Hsinchu Science Park in northern Taiwan, which supplies water to TSMC and other chipmakers, is still intact even after the monsoon season began in May. has reached only 30% of the normal water storage amount. This indicates that serious problems may occur in the future processes.

TSMC,Apple, Qualcomm and

(mtag101702) NVIDIA produces chips for many companies and the company’s production is interrupted, could cause a huge crisis in the technology sector.

In addition, considering that the impact of water shortages will increase in the coming years due to the climate crisis, according to experts.the sector is waiting for more troubled days in the future. On top of that, interruptions due to the ever-increasing electricity demand in Taiwan also prevent production. In order for chip manufacturing in Taiwan to maintain its strength, experts saymore investment in renewable energy sources states that it should be done.

Increasing coronavirus cases in production facilities also stop production:

In addition to the flood of water, the pandemic is also negatively affecting chip production in Taiwan. The number of cases, which has been on the rise since last month and has reached the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic, has increased in many chip production facilities.to suspend production has caused it. Taiwan is waiting for a vaccine to solve the problem.

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