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China has achieved significant success in the past weeks. For a while Thanks to NASA’s Mars mission succeeded in being the second country to land on the red planet, where we learned a lot of new information.China as part of the Tianwen-1 mission successfully landed on Mars.

The spacecraft, which landed in the region of Mars called “Utopia Planitia”, then landed its rover on the surface of Mars, which will collect information on the planet and send it to Earth. This rover named Zhurong, China’s new rover on the Martian surface, and has already started sending pictures of Mars to the world. Last but not leastthe moment of landing on the planet a revealing video and some creepy sounds recorded at that time were shared.

The moment of landing on the planet with parachutes has arrived:

Click here if you can’t view the tweet with the video.

In the shared video, Zhurong’sWhile ‘gliding’ in the Martian atmosphere with a parachute it is possible to see the images. The video, in which this shocking landing is shared from different angles, ends with the rover, which is gradually approaching the surface of Mars, when it comes into contact with the surface.

Apart from the video, the other exciting data Zhurong sent from Mars is the sound. In the video, which consists of the sounds that reach us from the red planet and which sound very scary, the spacecraft is againThe sounds of landing on Mars we hear.

These are not the first sounds and videos from Mars.NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance had sent both images from the landing moment and eerie sounds from Mars in the past months. Both spacecraft are currently investigating at different points on the Martian surface to increase what we know about the red planet and to try to understand the past and present of this barren planet, which is indicated as our possible second home in the future.

Zhurong to use in his reviews equipped with six different vehicles and with the help of these instruments, it will collect data to examine the surface structure, underground and climate of Mars. With the tenure planned to be able to do this, only92 earth days

It’s set to . However, as spacecraft continue to operate on such missions, this time may be longer. It is not yet known exactly how long Zhurong will be sending news from Mars.

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