Chinese scientists are preparing to build a new power plant to generate energy from solar panels in orbit. Led by professor Zhong Yuanchang at Chongqing University, this project to use the solar energy collected in space on Earth will allow.

Of course, this power plant, called the Bishan Base, will not be operational immediately, as it needs highly advanced technologies and extensive research. Small scale by 2030, and by 2050 in gigawatt scale scientists who want to establish a station that can collect energy, before moving on to all these activities, altitude balloons to make microwave power transmission tesdollar series will use.

Bishan Base will be China’s first large-scale power station

China, the world’s most populous country, continues to take important steps towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and becoming carbon neutral. The country with a population of 1,398 billion, which announced that it increased the amount of electricity produced from solar energy by 23% in the past weeks, in order to obtain more energy from the sun also introduced its own space technologies.

This new power station, which will be located in Singapore’s Bishan district, will use orbiting solar panels, energy from the sun wirelessly will be able to collect. Bishan Base, also China’s first large-scale power station will also feature. One of the biggest features of this base is that it can collect the same amount of energy even in harsh weather conditions, regardless of day and night.

Before the facility is operational, scientists must test at low altitudes using ultra-high-voltage powertrains. According to the statement, after the successful tesdollarserine at low altitudes, increasing this altitude to two kilometers expected. For now, scientists who can perform tesdollar series with balloons at an altitude of only 300 meters, By 2050, we will increase the capacity of this station to gigawatts. wants to remove.

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