People’s Republic of China, coronavirus pandemic was one of the first countries he was under, and the country had struggled to cope with the pandemic for a very long time. Authorities in more than 10 cities in the country announced that new measures will be taken against those who are not vaccinated.

According to the news of the New York Times newspaper, in the last two weeks, the country with a more contagious feature. vs Delta variant new circulars have been published. According to these circulars, it has been announced that new sanctions will be applied to people who are not vaccinated although they do not have any health barriers.

Those who are not vaccinated will be held responsible for the spread of the epidemic

In the statement, it is stated that those who are not vaccinated without health problems in case they infect others with Covid-19 will be held responsible for the spread of the epidemic. It has not yet been announced how sanctions will be applied to these people.

On the other hand, the unvaccinated Social Credit System’ is one of the possibilities on the table. The Social Credit System used in Hubei province provided social evaluation of citizens.

such as preventing those who are not vaccinated from going to work or entering hospitals or train stations. will directly affect your daily lifedollars may face sanctions.

Vaccination rate in China 55%

According to the health authorities of the People’s Republic of China 55 % of the country’s population is vaccinated. Still, the aim of the authorities is to reach 80% vaccination rate in order to provide herd immunity in the country.

The cases seen in China at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic occupied the agenda of the world for a very long time. While the effects of the pandemic began to disappear gradually in the Asian giant, social activities and production activities in the country began to normalize.

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