In one of our content that we shared with you in the past months, the Chinese government’s may lead to population floodingbecause you made a decision we mentioned. In line with this decision, Chinese citizens would be able to have 3 children. Now, there has been a new development on this subject. China has passed the bill that will allow the resolution to take effect. confirmed announced.

In the statements made by China’s official news agency, Shinhua, the bill in question ” Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress“. Chinese President Xi Jinping has approved the bill. With the approval, which is expected to take place in a very short time, the Chinese will have officially won the right to have 3 children.

Why did China, which is already the most populous country in the world, take such a decision?

The Chinese government started to implement a one-child policy with a decision taken in 1980. In this way, the country has increased its population density in kendollarser. that you can check believed. That’s what happened. As a result of this decision, China managed the kendollar matching process better and kept the population density under control. But now, China has a new problem. That’s the problem with the one-child policy of the Chinese government. give up

left in status .

Due to its one-child policy over the years, China is increasingly to an aging population got it. In particular, the significant decrease in the proportion of the population of working age has driven the country to a new policy. The government, which allowed two children with a decision taken in 2016, has now given the green light for the third child. However, the results of these decisions, in 2034 at the earliest will reveal itself. Because when a child born in 2016 reaches the age of 18 and can work, it will be 2034.

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