Chimpanzees and gorillas defend their territories and can be offensive are living things. But these two species fighting each other is not unheard of. Chimpanzees and gorillas are generally known for being aggressive towards other creatures that enter their territory.

However, scientists have suggested that chimpanzees in 2019 fight with gorillas, or even killing gorillas is quite surprising. The reason for this fight disrupted natural balance and global warming, scientists find this situation alarming.

Global warming is changing the balance

In Loango National Park In this incident, chimpanzees got into a fight with gorillas and killed some gorillas. Scientists are rapidly declining due to global warming. from food sources so he suspects that this fight may have started.

The natural balance, which has been disturbed due to global warming, causes the decrease in the food resources of many living things and the loss of these animals. aggression is causing. Since humans are the main cause of global warming, animals become aggressive and start killing each other. people’s fault is happening.

The monkey species had not attacked each other before

Researchers at Loango National Park have been studying the relationships, hunting and feeding types, communication abilities and groupings of monkey species found in that park for years. The fact that this type of fight is not recorded, neither in Loango nor elsewhere, is that these animals are no longer more offensive and dangerous.

We knew something was amiss when we only heard the chest-punching sound of gorillas.. that they live in peace with each other states.

Two attacks have occurred so far

Researchers have reported that there have been two chimpanzee-gorilla fights so far, and that both fatal results. Describing the first fight in February 2019, the researchers said, ” At first we heard chimpanzee voices and thought that chimpanzees were making noises among themselves. But when we hear the gorilla sounds immediately after the chimpanzee sounds, we realized that this is not normal” he said.

on the first occasion 27 chimpanzee, 5 attacked the gorilla. one of four gorillas puppy, for being separated from her mother killed by chimpanzees. Other gorillas managed to escape.

The second event is very similar to the first. Event that took place in December 2019 80 minutes and another attack by 27 chimpanzees from the same group attacked 7 gorillas. death of baby gorilla.

It seems that humanity upsets the balance of the world, leading to animals becoming wild and killing each other. Perhaps, if we had been more careful, none of these events would have happened.

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