America’s now we all know how difficult it is to fill the grocery cart. Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center To Aydın Ağaoğlu

According to , one of the reasons for this situation may be the joint price determinations of the chain markedollarser.

Ağaoğlu, in his statements “According to the information we received, created a joint Whatsapp group, this chain is markedollarser. Low-income people prefer these because they are cheap. What is this done? It is a violation of the Competition Law” used the expression.

claimed that a common price was determined for basic foods

According to Aydın Ağaoğlu, market chains jointly determine the prices for basic foods such as eggs and milk. According to the Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center, these moves made by the preferred markerollarserin because they are cheap. Competition Law chews too.

Agaoglu, “Especially some chain markedollarser, known as the cheap market, for some reason set common prices for basic food products offered to consumers. Last year, egg prices increased a lot. Do not forget that eggs are the only source of animal protein for the low-income. While 30 eggs were 17-18 liras, we also saw that all of them were 29.90. There was another very interesting development. After a while, they all dropped to 22.90, as the reactions from the public said, “dendollarsemes”. They have 4 chain markets and tens of thousands of stores. Would all four be 22.90 why someone is 23, someone is 24 and someone is not 22? According to the information we received, this chain markedollarser has created a joint Whatsapp group between them. Low-income people prefer these because they are cheap.” he said.

Ağaoğlu said that such a practice is against the law. “What is this done? It is a violation of Competition Law. The Competition Law is the law numbered 4054. The fourth article states that “between undertakings, concerted practices, concerted practices and such decisions and actions of unions of undertakings with the aim of preventing, distorting or restricting competition, creating or having this effect, are unlawful and prohibited. ‘ Joint determination of purchase or sale terms is also among them. ”.

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