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From time to time, we think about our past experiences and we comment. In this way, we review the results of the actions we take, and the results that will emerge when we perform those actions in the future. possible results we get an idea. This is from the past take a lesson appears as the starting point of the words about building the future according to him.

A new study revealed, go to the past in our minds reveals what happens in the brain in our process. According to research, the brain hippocampus plays a key role in remembering events in chronological order. Here are the highlights of the research:

Everything happens in the brain:

Neuroscientist Leila Reddy, researchers who carried out their studies, found that a certain period of time in the brain. how to encode was intended to find. Reddy, who we know as the memory center of the brain, in their initial work hippocampus states that they see it playing a key role.

hippocampus, certain events in chronological order is so important in remembering that when you take damage memory

There are problems with . Two-stage experiments, app-based tasks used. Because brain activity needs to be monitored during these practices, Reddy’s team is using implants for health reasons. epilepsy patients invited to work.

In the first phase, the researchers found that nine of the patients; flower, bird and Obama showed a few photos with different things. Photos in the same order was shown again, and patients were asked about the next photo, during which their brain activity was examined. In this way, the time cells in the brain at certain times specially turned out to be working heavily.

In the second stage, there are 6 patients. Likewise, these patients photos is shown and unlike the first one, they will have to wait for the next photo. previously they learned. This time the photos were shown, with occasional 10-second breaks. In the meantime, patients whose brain activities are monitored are also around. triggerany external factor, although it was not, it was seen that it was working at full capacity as in the first time cells.

In addition, Reddy found that when all neurons were examined, the patient’s in which time period said it can be understood. different time cells long or shortwhether it does not keep the memories or the time cells are in different states adapt and unable to still exist, but the researchers say their next goal is to find solutions to these questions. You can find the entire research here.

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