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Cooking is hard work, not everyone can be expected to do it. Even if you can, it is not easy to devote a few hours to cooking in the midst of a busy work schedule. So what are we going to eat? If you are tired of ordering chicken doner rolls or pizza from outside every day, you can use the Meal Box and similar services, which bring a menu of healthy meals to your home or workplace for every meal.

The number of services such as Meal Box is increasing day by day. The biggest reason for this is that we find it difficult to eat, let alone cook. Such services remove the concept of fast food from our lives and pave the way for us to lead a healthy life even if we eat ready meals. Let’s take a closer look at Meal Box and similar services that serve healthy meals to your home at every meal.

Meal Box and similar services that serve healthy meals at every meal:

  • Meal Box
  • Habit
  • Rafinera
  • Juico
  • Fed Box

Equip the table: Meal Box

Meal Box, is one of the first to serve home-made hot meals to the home or office. In addition to a standard meal menu, it offers corporate businesses a collective service or a private home meal package where you can fully equip the table. The choice in this regard is entirely up to you.

Food can be stored hot or cold for a certain period of time, with its personal disposable containers. With the Meal Box, you can buy a special diet package or a high protein package in addition to a normal meal. In other words, we don’t have to eat harmful things just to eat out.

Change your eating habits: Habit

Habit is not just a company that serves food to your home, but within the framework of programs determined by nutritionists a wide service that helps you to live healthy by changing your eating habits without dieting . You can even talk to a dietitian on the Habit website.

Their menu, which consists of organic products cooked using olive oil , consists of gluten-free, sugar-free and additive-free products. You can have your meals frozen or hot. After choosing one of the weekly packs according to your preference, your menus are regularly delivered to your home or workplace.

Prepared with daily food: Rafinera

Rafinera, which has been in the take-out market for a long time, does not only serve you every meal. It allows you to live a much healthier life thanks to the menus specially prepared by nutritionists .

The menus created by dietitians are prepared with daily foods. Meals cooked by master chefs under the control of food engineers , paying attention to hygiene rules, are delivered to your home or workplace every morning. Rafinera, which is also sensitive about recycling, comes and takes delivery from you if you collect the boxes.

For those who want to do a rigorous detox: Juico

If you prefer traditional dishes in your meals, Juico is not for you, but if you are determined to eat healthy and If you want to purify your body by detoxing from time to time , the most assertive service you will prefer will be Juico.

Juico offers special programs to its customers with special nutrition menus such as weekly diet package, intermittent diet package, soup detox package and liquid detox package. After meeting with Juico experts, you can start your detox program right away by choosing the most suitable menu for you.

Menus prepared according to your daily calorie needs: Fed Box

When you open the Fed Box website, you will see where you can calculate your daily calorie needs. a vehicle comes out. After you enter your information such as height, weight, age, gender, sports activity through this tool and select your goal, the amount of calories you need to take daily is calculated.

Food service comes into play at this point. You choose a menu suitable for the calorie you want to take daily, and Fed Box brings these meals freshly prepared by dietitians and cooked by master chefs to your home or workplace every day.

What are the advantages of Meal Box and similar services?

Unfortunately, many of us have started to break away from traditional home life. We leave the house early in the morning, try to go to work saadollar serenely, work without seeing the sun, try to go home saadollar serenely, and be at home in the evening. In this process, many people find it difficult to even eat , let alone cooking.

Meal Box-like service that brings every meal to your home or workplace, focuses on our health, which we started to lose in this process . Let’s face it, fast food and other ready meals are not very beneficial and have negative effects on our health in the long run. Eating a home cooked meal from time to time will be good for all of us.

Moreover, this type of service also draws attention by prioritizing customer requests. If you say you don’t want mayonnaise, but inadols, it’s not like businesses that put mayonnaise on your wrap. We can say that the signatures of nutritionists in the prepared meals make people happy in many respects.

We examined the Meal Box and similar service series that serve healthy home meals to your home at every meal and talked about their working systems. You can share your thoughts about this kind ofhizmedollarser, which serves healthy meals to home and work, in the comments.

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