Cryptocoin. com we have compiled popular analisdollarserin predictions for Cardano, Bitcoin and Solana. Jason Pizzino of Analisdollarser thinks ADA and SOL are ready for the second leg of the rally. While popular analyst Lark Davis awaits a September correction in Bitcoin, Twitter analyst nicknamed Capo targeted $40,000 for the correction. The points that Analisdollarser underlined were as follows…

Cardano and Solana ready for their second bull run, according to Jason Pizzino

Popular crypto trader Jason Pizzino thinks Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) have the potential to make big gains in the next leg of the bull run. Addressing 202,000 Youtube subscribers, the analyst said that as the altcoin market heats up, Cardano and Solana are giving bullish signals. Pizzino also highlights that ADA, along with Solana and Ethereum, is leading the bull market.

Cardano’s ADA has seen strong volume over the past three weeks as it rallied to $2.95 and could now consolidate above the previous $2.50 level. The increase in weekly trading volume, combined with a break above the previous ATH level, offers more upside promise, according to Pizzino:

Looking ahead, the volume is a good signal for an uptrend. We are potentially consolidating above all-time highs. This is exactly what we want to see.

Jason Pizzino expects a cooling period in Solana price

As for Ethereum rival Solana, Pizzino’s predictions predict a similar story to that played out by ADA. As the smart contract platform has surpassed the previous all-time high of $61 and is currently trading at $116, it may experience a cooldown period above the previous ATH level to create a new support level before it takes off again:

A similar story in Solana. Because we are paddling, we have to stop at some point. And we have this good volume reaching new heights, all good aredollarser… So we have a big volume (starter). Will it take a breather? Probably. You can only stand up for weeks before you can breathe.

Experienced trader emphasizes these criteria when investing:

Pizzino also emphasizes the importance of staying firm when trading, as very high prices can often cloud traders’ decisions:

The crypto market will be extremely noisy and there will be only turmoil. People were like, “This can’t go down. Super bikedollarser is here. He says Bitcoin will never see $100,000 again…

Saying that his personal opinion is not in this direction, Pizzino states that he wants to recover, especially in the face of the madness of the crypto market. According to the analyst, it’s because of four of those magic words that always screw up investors:

“This time is different from the others”. And if we’ve learned from history, it’s usually not that different.

Lark Davis discusses the possibility of a Bitcoin correction by September

In a new video, our fellow analyst Davis looks at Bitcoin (BTC)’s trend of forming monthly red candles in September over the past decade. The analyst’s statements on the possibility of correction were as follows:

Many times we had a correction period in September. Last September, what happened? We had a red candle, so we saw the Bitcoin price drop 18% during the month of September…

Lark Davis shared the following analysis for previous September:

What happened last year? We saw the Bitcoin price drop by 27%. Let’s go back to 2018. What happened in 2018? We saw the Bitcoin price drop 16%. Back to 2017 – mid-bull run, couldn’t be any more bullish, everything was mega, mega exciting, everything was going to the moon, everyone was a genius and getting rich – Bitcoin corrected 40% in September.

We may face another bull cycle, according to the analyst

In 2013, about 1% of BTC over the next two months, Davis said. He points out that it experienced a rather modest 13% cooling in September before 000 padols. The trader states that with the right catalyst, Bitcoin (BTC) could create another “double bubble, double pump” bull cycle reminiscent of 2013:

What we’ll need for this kind of catalyst to see this kind of padollarization frenzy will be something like the approval of a Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) that will happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, it will likely be a non-trivial futures-backed Bitcoin ETF, but the market will likely respond quite well to it.

Analyst Capo sets these levels for a correction:

Last week, the popular crypto analyst known as Capo came up with the idea of ​​a bearish correction for Bitcoin to around $40,000 in September, before hitting all-time highs:

Expecting a lower, high dead kein jump from here, but then 37,000-40. 000 dollars, which will be a very good buying opportunity in the long run. The new ATH (all-time high) will arrive this year.

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