Factors such as industrialization and increase in energy consumption, we have to breathe air quality directly affects. Recent measurements by experts reveal that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached 420 ppm, the highest measurement in human history. According to experts, this situation makes people more at an early agehayadollarwill cause them to lose their yellow.

Mert Inan from Milliyet met with a group of scientists to evaluate the measurements made. The explanations in the interview are both our planet and our people. how you are at risk makes it clear. If you wish, without further ado, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is per million. to reach 420 ppm

Let’s take a look at what means.

“The measurements made are not heartwarming at all”

From ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Department of Meteorology Engineering Prof. Dr. Selahattin İncecik, made the following statements on the subject; ” Unfortunately, the resulting figures are not heartwarming for our planet. We reach a new record level every year for 100 years. The 400 PPM carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is in our red line, but this rate has been exceeded. The increase in carbon dioxide is caused by the increase in the consumption of coal, oil and natural gas. Natural gas is the most innocent of fossil fuels. The rates announced Measured in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 3 thousand meters above the ground. If you measure carbon dioxide at 3 thousand meters above the ground in the middle of the industrial kendollar series You’ll find more than 420 PPM. Average temperatures will increase in the next 5 years. Rapid population growth, greenhouse gas emissions, increase in carbon dioxide emissions affect the heat balance of the atmosphere. As energy consumption increases, the atmospheric temperature also increases and the heat balance of the world deteriorates. If measures are not taken, we will see very serious temperature increases from 2040 onwards. All life, agriculture and water areas will be adversely affected.

For example, the north winds insurance of New York. That removes all the polluted air of the city the effect of the north wind. However, plazas and new projects built in the north of the city are blocking the north winds. If this trend continues and the north winds are blocked, the pollution reaches a serious level. In New York, air pollution rates are above the standardollar yellow for 70 percent of the year. However, the use of coal in the winter is still very common for various reasons. Coal is not burned in any city in Europe. The primary cause of air pollution is the number of vehicles in road transport and the use of coal. Natural gas instead of coal for low-income people aid allowance should be created. 60 percent of cars in New York are diesel. Diesel vehicles also create serious particulate matter pollution. Very serious emission measurements should be made, including heavy tonnage vehicles. The criteria in Germany should be applied, the audit should not remain on paper.

“The results are scary”

Uludag University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health, Lecturer Prof. Dr. Kayihan Pala is ” Particulate matter 10 rate in the air should not exceed 50 micrograms/cubic meter per day. ‘PM10’ level in many cities in winter watching above the limit values. Particulate matter is classified as a cause of lung cancer. According to the World Health Organization, every 10 micrograms/cubic meter increase in daily PM10 concentrations leads to a 0.2 to 0.6 percent increase in deaths. Every 10 microgram/cubic meter increase in long-term PM10 concentrations is associated with deaths due to heart-lung diseases. between 6 and 13 percent leads to an increase.” he said.

ecology specialist Prof. Dr. Dogan Kantarci

In the statements made by , ” Global warming with the increase in the number of forest fires, climate change and, accordingly, there is a clear correlation between rising temperatures in America. When the annual average temperatures and precipitation in Muğla and its surroundings are examined; average For 500 meters altitude we see that the annual average temperature values ​​​​given increase periodically, on the other hand, the annual average precipitation amounts decrease. Forests took in carbon dioxide and gave it back as oxygen, photosynthesis was taking place. Natural reuptake of greenhouse gases by forests and seas is very important. While the fire is also disrupting the fauna, the entire system is being damaged. The emergence of high temperature values ​​during a fire also increases the nitrogen and oxygen values ​​in the air. balance breaks it.” expressions were used.

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