One of the sectors that the coronavirus pandemic has put into crisis was microchips. The fact that the companies stopped production ofserin deeply affected the automotive sector in particular. The latest news, the crisis England reveals how much of an impact it has. So much so that the automobile production in England, due to the crisis in 1956 decreased to levels.

British Association of Motor Manufacturers and Traders ( SMMT), production in July 2021 compared to the same period of last year 37 percent crashed. This situation directly affected the export figures. According to the statements made, the exports made in the first 7 months of 2021 will be the same as 2019, which is the period before the pandemic. 29 percent behind. SMTT President Mike Hawes states that there is an increase in demand as the restrictions remain, but the absence of any development in the semiconductor sector will continue to shrink the automotive sector.

The heart of the British faces a great threat

The automotive industry is critically important to the British. So much so that the contribution of this sector to £78.9 billion. However, the crisis in the semiconductor industry is deeply affecting the British automotive industry. Some sector sources say that the sector, which employs 180 thousand people in production and 864 thousand people in the supply chain, lost blood. layoffs they believe can happen.

The semiconductor crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic does not seem to be easily left behind. Because the previous statements on the subject, crisis only like 2023 makes me think it might end. This affects all automakers around the world. What awaits the automotive industry until the semiconductor crisis ends nobody knows. . .

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