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As a result of the fluctuations in the exchange rate, which had been going on for weeks and yesterday, at an unprecedented level, allegations began to come that sales were stopped in many sectors in America. But apart from these allegations, there was a company that stopped its sales last night on the saadollar series: Apple.

Apple, the company with the highest market value in the world, stopped the sales of all its products in America at night time. The reason for this was of course predictable: the exchange rate difference. The dollar has soared in recent weeks that for example, when the Apple MacBook Pro saw 13 Dollars on the dollar, it was about 4,000 Dollars 300 dollars cheaper in America than in the USA where this device was manufactured had become available. After that, it was reported that Apple canceled the orders of some users at night time.

Can Apple cancel orders?

Yesterday, Apple, in addition to stopping sales, started to cancel orders without giving due to complaints from many users. While this situation does not apply to every user, an official statement from Apple on this issue has not been made yet. However, an explanation for why sales may have stopped is as follows in Apple’s Sales Policies under ‘ Product Availability and Limitations ‘:

“Some of our products are very popular. Apple may be forced to limit the amount of products it offers for sale due to market and/or supply constraints. Trust us that we produce as fast as we can. Apple reserves the right to change the quantities available for sale at any given time ( even after placing your order , provided that Apple has not accepted your order.”

The last sentence of the statement indicates that Apple may make changes to its stocks at a certain time. It was stated that the canceled orders in question were not ‘delivered’, that is, Apple did not fully accept the order. This may have caused some orders to be canceled due to the fact that they were placed at the time of decision. However, it should be noted that there is no definite information.

On the other hand, users who contacted Apple were told “Purchased products will be delivered”:

Berkin Ceylan from eGirılım shared the statement made by Apple to users on the subject. Ceylan said that he received information from people who shopped and talked to the Apple Support team about the issue, saying that Apple said, “ There is no such thing as order cancellation. The purchased items will be delivered. ”. It is not clear whether this statement also includes the unannounced sales mentioned.

Sales continue in Apple’s physical stores:

On the other hand, after Apple closed its internet sales, Apple’s Zorlu Center A photo was shared from his store in . In the photo, it was seen that there was a long queue in front of the Apple store. It was stated that there is no price increase in the store yet, and that the device can be purchased ‘if stock is available’.

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