collecting the reaction of hundreds of thousands of people He shared the New York promotional film. This film, which reflects New York in a very calm and modern way, was criticized for not reflecting the truth.

Çağrı Menteş, known as Çağrı brother of the internet and famous for his foreign language lessons on YouTube, made an announcement on Twitter after the release of the promotional film. Menteş stated that if his tweet gets 1000 likes, he will shoot an alternative version of the New York promotional film. After the tweet received close to 70,000 likes, Menteş kept his promise and shared the New York video, which is not even remotely related to the film shot by Turizmliği.

Çağrı Menteş’s viral tweet:

and the video published by Turizmlığı:

If you wish, before moving on to Çağrı Menteş’s video, let’s recall the video that was published by Turizmliği. Especially for this promotional film, which is at the center of the social media agenda, people, “This is not the New York we know”, “Do we live in the same New York?” started to give reactions like. Everybody’s he is cheerful, he can dance freely You can see the “real” version of the New York promotional film from Çağrı Menteş’s video.

New York promotional video published by Çağrı Menteş:


As you can see from Çağrı Menteş’s video, the current situation in New York is not very encouraging. Although New York, published by Turizmlığı, shows New York that everyone misses and even looks for with a candle, the real facts are reflected in Çağrı Menteş’s cameras.

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