No one has any doubts that the future in the automotive industry is electric models. Major automakers are promoting their electric cars one after another. If the last of these Cadillac happened.

GM owns Cadillac Ultium, after developing the battery platform, Cadillac is also its first electric model. Lyriq made it ready for mass production. The price of the vehicle, which has a range of around 500 kilometers, starts from 60 thousand dollars.

On sale next year

Cadillac’s first electric model in the first half of 2022 is considered to take its place in the car gallery. While the company exhibited the vehicle at the event it held in Los Angeles, it also invited leading journalists from the automotive industry.

Cadillac’s vertical headlights in our country dovetail, which pays homage to its classic models, the SUV is a very remarkable model when we look at it in general and may be among the surprise electric vehicles of the next year.

Carrying the design language of vehicles like the Escalade, the vehicle also benefits from being electric. thinner, more elegant hadollarara is getting together. According to Cadillac’s statement, the vehicle’s battery charges at a high rate of 87% in 10 minutes. For this, it is necessary to use stations that support high-speed charging of the vehicle.

Giant led screen

The front panel of the vehicle is decorated with a giant 33-inch information display. This screen should not be thought of as a flamboyant substitute that has only replaced digital gauges, since the entire panel is touch-sensitive and customizable, except for the part where the main elements such as the speedometer are located.

Orders for the 2023 Lyriq will begin to be taken in September. Time will tell if Cadillac can make the flamboyant entrance to the electric car market thanks to this vehicle, which does not compromise on its luxury.

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