After the forest fires that have affected America in the past weeks, explanations on the fate of the areas damaged by the fire continues to be made. Announcing the number of saplings to be planted in the burned forests last week, Agriculture and Forestry Pakdemirli told Anadolu Agency (AA) when the burned areas will begin to return to their former state.

Stating that America has faced the biggest forest fire to date, Pakdemirli said that they will start planting saplings after the first rain, that the burned areas will completely turn into “green cover” in 3-5 years. expressed.

Pakdemirli; “We will green the burned areas as we have done before”

As you know, the Aegean and the Mediterranean were the regions most affected by the forest fires that all of America mobilized in the past weeks. Fires that especially affected Marmaris and Bodrum, heavy balance sheets behind left.

While forest engineers and many experts in this field recommend leaving the places damaged by the fire for a while, they state that especially the Mediterranean forests are accustomed to fires and the trees have evolved accordingly. In fact, if you remember, the burning of Forest Engineer Cihan Erdönmez recently. also gave detailed advice on what should be done to the red pine forests. we shared with you.

Although experts underline that the burned areas should be left alone, In accordance with Article 169 of the Constitution In order to prevent activities in the burned areas, afforestation works must be carried out. Stating that they have started working in this direction, Pakdemirli made new statements about afforestation works.

Stating that they spent a great deal of money to fight forest fires, Pakdemirli used the following statements in his statement; “According to the land structure, we will green the burned areas as we did before, by allowing the nature to renew the plant, waiting for the germination of the existing seeds in the field and making the land preparation, as we did before. Some stony and rocky areas will be left to their natural state and it will be expected to renew itself. We will see together that the plants in these areas give new shoots in the coming spring months. “

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