Modems that provide internet access to the house may not be sufficient for all internet problems at home. Therefore, it is necessary to use different network products. For example, if the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi is high at home, connecting a router to the modem for a stronger connection to all devices may be the solution. For such situations, the AC12 model router of the budget-friendly Mercusys brand, in AC standard, with dual channel support, parental control, and providing a more secure network with guest networking features, is among the most suitable solutions.

Mercusys AC12 can be easily installed, making the home Wi-Fi connection stronger, faster, and providing connection support to more devices. Thanks to the product with dual channel support, operations such as e-mail and web browsing that do not require much speed are directed to the 2.4 GHz channel, while the 5 GHz channel is reserved for operations such as online gaming and watching movies. Thus, different operations can be performed at the same time without reducing network performance. Thanks to its 2×2 MIMO feature, it offers wireless transmission support to more devices. Mercusys AC12 can reach wireless speeds of 1200 Mbps in total.

Wider coverage, more secure network

The AC12 model router can transmit Wi-Fi signals to all parts of the house with its four powerful antennas. For this reason, those who have Wi-Fi signal problems at home can also use the AC12 router. The product, which has advanced security features, offers users the opportunity to create a Guest Network. Thus, guests who come to the house without sharing their network name and password can connect to the Internet via the Guest Network. This is an important feature for keeping the home Wi-Fi network secure.

In addition, with the Parental Control feature of Mercusys AC12, parents can limit their children’s access to the Internet; They can create blacklists. This provides a solution to the internet safety of children, which is an important concern of parents today.

The price of AC12 router of Mercusys, which is a budget-friendly network brand, is 289 Dollars (including VAT).

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