Methods used in the treatment of stroke, which affects a part or all of people’s body, restricting or even eliminating physical activity; they are a little tight for now. However, there are studies on methods that give faster and clearer results. The investment that the most promising of these studies, which is waiting for investment for its widespread use, has recently increased the hopes in this field.

The BrainQ initiative, which focuses on people who have had a stroke and their treatment, has recently received an investment of 40 million dollars. This investment, mostly provided by a venture capital firm Hanaco Ventures, will enable BrainQ’s treatment method to become widespread in hospitals in the USA.

Thanks to the investment, many hospitals will use BrainQ’s technology

Physical therapy is one of the most used treatment methods today to restore mobility to paralyzed patients. However, this method takes a long time and does not provide the same benefit for everyone. The method offered by the BrainQ initiative, on the other hand, focuses on the brain, as you can tell from its name, not on gaining the body’s ability over time. Thanks to a device that acts on the areas related to physical mobility in the brain, it can be used in paralysis patients. better results can be given in a shorter time than physical therapy.

This device is not widely used for now. But the new investment that the startup receives could change that. Israel-based venture capital firm Hanaco Ventures and many other firms have invested $40 million in BrainQ. Together with the previous investments, the total investment amount received by the initiative reached 50 million dollars. Thanks to the investment supported by companies such as Dexcel Pharma, Peregrine Ventures, OurCrowd, Norma, Sailing Capital and IT Farm. The stroke treatment device developed by BrainQ will be used in more hospitals in the USA.

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