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Windows’ infamous Blue Screen may soon change its colors. Tom Warren of The Verge reports that Microsoft plans to change the color of the lockscreen screen to black to match the color of the shutdown and startup screens in Windows 11.

However, there is no change in the Windows 11 error screen in the Beta process. But CRITICAL_PEROCESS_DIED

It is possible that you will see a new error screen color with a change to be made with the error. A twitter user named Xeno states that the black screen is active in the Insider 22000 build version in his post.

According to the news in The Verge, while Microsoft has not yet made any official statement, it is thought that the new Windows may include a black error screen in order to be compatible with the black logon and logout screen. Making changes to the screen also reveals the fact that it will change for the first time since Windows 8. Because with version 8, sulky face and QR code were included.

However, let’s say that Microsoft has tried different colors before. In past Insider programs Windows 10 Insider Builds users received green error screens, and users experiencing hardware errors are known to occasionally receive red error screens. However, the most common error screen color has always been blue. Let’s say that we see a green error screen in the Windows 11 Insider program from time to time.

We’ll assume this is a tested feature for now. Because the company does not have an official statement.

  1. Start the Registry application, then access the following directory: HKLMSYSTEM CurrentControlSet ControlCrashControl
  2. In the name of the value on the opened screen: DisplayPreRelaseColor

    It will be enough to write and write 0 to the value data at the bottom.

Windows 11 error screen color change

You won’t see the black screen right away unless, of course, you deliberately caused your computer to crash.

(mtag101705) If you really want to do this, make sure everything is logged. Then go to Task Manager. Then go to the Details tab. Then a bunch of svchosts. You will see exe. Choose any. Right-click and select End Process Tree. Then click the Close button when prompted.

Note: This operation causes the error named CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED to occur. Your computer will restart in a few seconds and you can continue using it.

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