League of Legends, for some (especially new players) can be a very painful process to experience. OneLoL, aside from the ordeal during the match, before the matchrune lineup can also be a confusing process for inexperienced new players. Even before the rune arraywhich champion you choose can get confused even when making a decision.

“What should I do, Mr. Webtekno?”

You can say , don’t worry, we are here for you. For you, other players who come to your team just before the LoL matches. players’ leagues and statistics that you can see, the champions selected by the opposing teamwhich champions are weak against the champion you automatically own is required, which you can seewhere you can transfer the rune lineup to the game we will talk about utilities.

The most common of these utilities at the momentBlitz. GG has all the helpful tools we mentioned and much more. Of course, here onlyBlitz. GG no, there are a few apps where you can get better help with some issues. to youLoL Blitz. GG, we have listed helpful applications that will make your experience easier, let’s take a look.

Apps like LoL Blitz to make your League of Legends experience easier:

  • Blitz. GG
  • Mobalytics
  • Porofessor. GG
  • Senpai. GG
  • OP. GG

Blitz. GG

as we mentionedBlitz. GG and similar utilities have many utilities, but the highlight of Blitz isrune lineup issue. Those who know knowLeague of Legends

Sorting runes on the client is a coin flip, sometimes the rune you lined up fails to save or is incorrectrune page you can choose.

Blitz has a lot of features where you can follow the single ranked matches of professional players live, review your match statistics and analysis, but it is the best in rune lineup. The rune of the champion you selected before the match starts is stacked automatically, if it is stacked in a way you don’t likeMuch faster than LoL client you can somehow string runes from the Blitz application and transfer them much faster.

You can have helpful tools even while in-game: Mobalytics

The most prominent feature of the Mobalytics application, which allows you to follow high-level matches played in real time, is that you can have live assistive tools while in the game. For example, you need to line up your champion according to the role you play and the match againstyou can automatically see the item set in the item shop.

In addition, the goals you need to do for your champion before the game andmacro game

It is possible to see what you need to do for .

If you are in the jungle rolewhen will the forest creatures spawn can see the countdown method on the map, if you are a laner player compared to the average of your leagueminion score how much and finally if you are support playeryour opinion score You can see how much it is compared to the average.

You can see comprehensive statistical analysis: Porofessor. GG

Porofessor, which gives you the opportunity to review your detailed statistics from all the matches you played with a champion. gg; in-game your raid, score contribution, deaths, score and gold graphs brings it to you. Apart from that in gamethe things you do good and bad

Porofessor presenting under the headings at . We can say that GG is the best at analyzing statistics.

Especially when you play these statisticswith other players playing the champion as well as in that matchcomparison with your competitor is a huge help in understanding what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right.

You can find the most comprehensive match information: Senpai. GG

senpai. The most prominent feature of the GG application from the others is its assistant tool that allows you to see in detail which champions you want to choose against which champions and why. With this tool, it tells you in detail in which part of the game the champion you choose is strong, which lane you should visit the most, and at which point at which minute you should be.

for examplein the middle laneCassiopeia

if you are playing Tears of the Goddess at what minute you should have completed the item, in the jungleKindred

if you are playing your stamp loads where you can appear in which minutes, depending on your match if you are playing bottom lanestrong or weak side tells you to play.

You can also see the analysis of your Solo Ranked outside matches: OP. GG

KISS. GG,Blitz was the most common helper tool butBlitz has been a bit of a background since it came out with the desktop app. OP now. GG toodesktop application exists, but it’s not as popular as it used to be. OP who has many utility tools that other utility apps have. The highlight of GG right now isSingle Rank

You can see the analysis of your matches other than matches.

for exampleARAM,URF,All for One

(mtag101703) orCenter Raid

If you are playing game modes, you can also see the best champions and win rates and different rune/item builds. In addition, you can analyze your statistics at the end of the match, where you can see what you did right and what you did wrong, just like Solo Ranked, and you can decide what to do to play better.

Let’s add without forgetting: All these utilities also have Windows desktop applications and not only League of Legends but alsoTFT, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant

There are also helpful tools for .

Thus,Lol Blitz. gg-like utilities

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