Black Desert Online has always been an innovative MMO video game with a variety of ways to build your character, and with the remastered version you will experience an even better version of the original game. Although the remastered version is not a brand new game, it comes equipped with many upgrades that improve graphics and sound.

Here’s everything you need to know about all the key differences between the original Black Desert Online and the remastered version, and how the updates have improved the game’s performance. These advanced features benefit both beginners and returning players.

10) Does Black Desert Online Remastered Offer Gameplay Differences?

There are tons of improvements added to Black Desert Online Remasted; But none of these are gameplay differences. New gameplay elements were added around the same time the remaster was released, but none of them are exclusive to the remastered edition.

The main changes in the remastered version revolve around graphics and performance. That said, there are also a few audio improvements that are making their way into the MMO. Although there are no enhanced gameplay elements, the game has been greatly improved with all the performance enhancements.

9) Dress Simulation More Realistic

Armor and outfit customization is very important to many players, and if you feel the same way, you’ll appreciate this upgrade. The outfit simulation in Black Desert Online Remasted is much better than the original, which means the outfits are cooler and the movement of the dresses is more realistic.

While not a feature that every returning player will notice, it’s a nice improvement and helps bring MMO closer to the next generation of video games. With so many armor types to choose from, you’ll no doubt see the difference in the outfit simulation of the remastered version.

8) Better Ocean Rendering

The ocean areas in Black Desert Online are beautiful and they look even better in the remastered version. Upgraded ocean rendering makes water render on your screen faster and helps you see farther distances when looking at a water bubble.

Better ocean rendering is an excellent example of a small improvement that makes a big difference in a given terrain, and we’ve included it on our list specifically because the oceans and water in video games are often beautiful to look at. This feature is often noticed when fishing rahadollar.

7) Remastered Sounds

While most of the improvements in the remastered version of Black Desert Online are graphical, there are a few improvements to the audio as well. In particular, the sounds have been reworked, including the music, providing an even better experience while adventuring throughout the game.

The music in Black Desert Online is great and it’s getting better with these improvements since the improvements. There are seven different types of music for each continent to explore, so you’ll have loads of alternatives to play.

6) World Now Uses Physically Based Rendering

With physically-based rendering, objects in video games now look more realistic than ever before. This is mostly because the light reflects off the objects, giving the image a more realistic look and better effectdollarser.

Black Desert Online Remastered has added physical based rendering to the game as part of its tech improvements and it looks amazing. The visuals in the original version already pushed the limits of graphics capability for an MMORPG, so this addition makes the game world look even more stunning.

5) Volumetric Buludollarsar

Similar to other physically-based rendering improvements, volumetric buludollarsars have been added to Black Desert Online with the release of the remastered version. Buludollarsar is one of the most realistic objects to appear in video games, and Black Desert Online has also worked on this.

While the volumetric buludollarsar doesn’t overhaul the graphics on their own, combining this change with other remastered enhancements provides a better-looking landscape and natural look.

4) New Environmental Enlightenment

Ambient lighting is a significant improvement for games with bright lighting, such as Black Desert Online, as it helps to measure how much a surface is altered by the light sources around it.

​The way objects interact with lighting can make or break a game’s graphic realism, so the new ambient lighting feature in Black Desert Online Remastered is a great improvement. This subtle change makes a big difference in how you see the lighting around objects.

3) Screen Space Reflections

Reflections are essential for a complete graphical experience and help show the beauty of a video game’s visuals. This feature is especially important for reflections on wet surfaces.

Screen area reflections create reflections by reusing screen spaced data, which improves overall reflection quality and helps create small reflections, such as in small pools of water. Small reflections like these don’t seem to make a big difference, but near water and similar surfaces they make the visual experience seem more graphically enhanced.

2) Improved Atmospheric Scattering

Another way to improve the lighting in Black Desert Online Remasted is the improved atmosphere scatter. This property controls how the sun interacts with particles in the atmosphere, and this mechanic is necessary to create a more vibrant sky.

The improved atmosphere dispersion also helps to create a stronger color in different times of the in-game day. For example, the sky is red during sunset and blue during the day. The color in the sky takes up most of the screen as you travel outdoors, so this enhancement is one of the most important additions in the remastered version.

1) Higher Resolution

High resolution is one of the most important parts of a video game with advanced graphics. Black Desert Online has always been in high resolution, but was further enhanced in the remastered version for the PC version of the game.

Every object in Black Desert Online now looks sharp, adding to the overall sense of realism you have as you explore the environment. If you have a 4K capable monitor or TV, you can also enable 4K on PC. However, it is worth remembering that the performance may decrease when the game is run in 4K mode.

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