Cryptocurrency, which has become the most controversial investment tool in recent years Bitcoin, finally crossing the psychological limit. The cryptocurrency, which has lost serious value in the last 3 months, has now risen above $ 50 thousand after it started to recover in recent weeks. Bitcoin, which pinned $ 50 thousand 419, as of 10:00 am 50 thousand 165 dollars

It is traded at levels. The value reached by Bitcoin is 72 percent higher than the low in July.

Bitcoin last went above $ 50,000 in mid-May. Cryptocurrency, which entered the downtrend in the next period, Up to around 30 thousand dollars had regressed. However, the recent rise made her smile. Because 50 thousand dollars affected both Bitcoin investors and those who invested in altcoins.

The market is generally in an uptrend

In our checks from Coinmarketcap, we can see that the crypto money markets in general. is on the uptrend we see. In this context, only 2 of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies have lost value in the last 24 hours. These cryptocurrencies Ripple and . The decrease rates are 0.16 percent to 2.11 percent.

Note:There are two other altcoins that are in the top ten and are experiencing a decline. These are Tether and USD Coin. But these cryptocurrencies are stable coin. So they are dollar indexed. The downsides, however, can be ignored.

When we look at the table in general, Ethereum’s $3,227, Cardano $2.80, Binance Coin $479.30, Ripple $1.24, Dogecoin $0.32, Polkadot $28.25, Solana $73 We can say that it was traded at $ 74. While the rise in Bitcoin is expected to continue to affect altcoins, investors are expecting a new ATH in Bitcoin, i.e. all time high price they wonder if it will come.

This content is not investment advice.

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