The popular crypto analyst Smart Contracter, who accurately predicted the recent pullback of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, updates its view on the markets. Cryptocoin. com

As , we have compiled Smart Contracter’s Bitcoin and altcoin predictions for you, let’s examine them together…

Smart Contracter: I think Ethereum will reach ATH!

In a new market update, veteran analyst Smart Contracter says it looks like Ethereum has now bottomed out. Smart Contracter adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

I think we’ve hit a major corrective bottom and we’ve probably bottomed out already, and I think we’re likely to hit our all-time high.

The analyst highlighted Ethereum’s bullish price action in July, noting that the coin completed a five-wave bullish pattern from the Elliot Waves theory. Elliot Waves theory is a trading method that aims to predict future price movements using crowd psychology, which shows itself on the charts through a series of waves.

Smart Contracter: I expect a new type of impulsive action in the altcoin project

The theory is that an asset experiences a significant pullback (wave ABC) after completing five wave cycles in an uptrend. Smart Contracter accurately predicted Ethereum’s retracement to roughly $2,700 after it dropped just below $4,000 and completed its five-wave impulse.

Since the pullback, ETH has steadily recovered and is trading at $3,150 at the time of writing, according to CoinGecko. The analyst awaits all-time highs as the altcoin completes its correction after five wave impulses. Smart Contracter adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

I expect a new kind of impulsive action from here, similar to this five-wave rally to all-time highs…

Smart Contracter: Bitcoin is very similar to Ethereum…

The analyst says that Bitcoin is very similar to Ethereum and will likely go higher after an ABC wave correction. Smart Contracter adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

Dare I say, similar to Ethereum, we’ll probably go a little higher and then do a nice little ABC (fix)… And then I think from there, if that’s an ABC completed, it’s the same deal to say we’re going to start a new impulse to all-time highs. I dare.

Smart Contracter: When Bitcoin and ETH bottoms out, I think SOL will recover the hardest!

Smart Contracter also notes that it is particularly bullish on the smart contract platform Solana (SOL). Smart Contracter adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

When BTC and ETH bottom, I think SOL will recover the hardest and hit all-time highs and start to take place at these levels. I’ll lower the average as needed, there’s no actionable setup, just a stab at catching hunch.

Here are Smart Contracter’s successful BTC and altcoin predictions

Cryptocoin. com, Smart Contracter has known $3,200 in Bitcoin, the 2020 rally, the great Bitcoin crash of 2020, and more. In addition, the analyst correctly predicted a series of shorter-term price movements over the past few months. Smart Contracter stated that it will force a general altcoin market correction as Bitcoin finds its accumulation range and pulls back towards $23,000.

The master analyst was also right in this prediction and foreshadowed altcoin bleeding. Stating that he expects an altcoin meltdown in the second week of February, the analyst was also right in this prediction. In addition, the analyst correctly predicted that in the last days of March, Ethereum would drop to around $ 1,600. The analyst correctly predicted the final pullback of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum in September 2021. For this reason, investors are watching the analyst’s forecasts closely.

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