In childhood, almost all of us hall was similar in style. brown wooden one showcase, contained our mother’s lace, ornaments, a stereo set or television of the period. Encyclopedias were indispensable on their shelves, you know, newspapers. with coupon from what you gave.

In front of the showcase, there was a table of the same color and style. What food was eaten at that table, it was muhabbedollarser. We studied our lesson there, what our mother did infertile we ate there.

Of course, we also cut our birthday cake there. This living room, which will be familiar to you, decorates the background of our childhood photos.

There were no cell phones or digital cameras back then. 36 films we had the right.

Moreover, we couldn’t see the photos we took right away. The next day we would pick it up from the photographer, some of us would have our eyes closed or the finger of the person taking the photos would have covered the camera.

Here’s this tweet, which reminds of this difficult but wonderful period, and then many people started to share their childhood photos, proving how accurate the determination was.

Here are some of those photos:

After all these photos, you may want to look at your own childhood photos.

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Michael Lewis


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