He started to be known in the internet world with his cute robot dog Spot. Boston Dynamics is known all over the world for its ability to offer a series of harekedollars, which we are not accustomed to seeing in robodollarsars today. One of the foremost of these robodollars is a bipedal model. Adollaras almost leaves their mouths open in the last video shared.

Shared video Adollars’ last point is also important for us to see. Because videos are shared from the previous stages of Adollars, as the internet world. that we have grown we will not be wrong if we say it.

The parkour video of Adollars showing off:

Adollaras, who appeared before us with his first somersault years ago, then started to complete the tracks step by step. Boston Dynamics continues this journey of Adollars, which started with simple tracks. to a level that can challenge a normal person that you brought is showing it to everyone with the latest video he shared.

Apart from this, another video shared is one of the most popular robodollars of the internet world. Adollars’s is about how it’s done.

In a statement made by one of the authorities, robodollarsarin only whether it is put on these tracks, predetermined routines is shared. In the continuation of this statement made for those who think that people on the internet are misled about this robodollarsar, robodollarsar totally blind that they are but slowly less ‘preprogramming’ it is stated that they need it.

As a result, after the previously shared Adollars videos has come a long way we can say.

Another robot of the company Spot also appeared with a similar development video. The robot dog, which appeared as another popular robot of the internet world, attracted great attention thanks to the video in which he danced with the world-famous Korean music group BTS.

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