Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has gone through a difficult process recently. After the access ban from China and the bans from Europe, the stock market, which went to service updates, said that its users authentication has released a new update that requires it.

Announced with an article published on Binance’s official website, the update has been made so that everyone who is a new member of the stock market can make all kinds of transactions from deposit to trading. ‘Intermediate Validation’ will require it. The transactions of users who are members of the exchange but have not completed the verification process will be temporarily restricted. These users have been “withdrawal” only will be able to; In this context, they will be able to cancel their trading orders and close their open positions. Other processes will be gradually reintroduced with verifications.

”Safe crypto environment for everyone”:

In its announcement announcing the new service update, Binance said that the innovations ‘ to provide a secure crypto environment for everyone‘, users should do the ‘Medium Verification’ process “immediately” so that they do not encounter any restrictions or problems. ‘strongly recommended’.

When users perform the verification process their credentials, images of their IDs and a photo of themselves They will enter the Binance system. You can access the verification steps to be followed by new members of Binance by clicking here; You can perform your transactions with the help of the guide in which all the steps are explained.

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