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Even though years have passed since its release, life still goes on in GTA V at full speed. We have listed the best of GTA V’s legendary missions for you. In the rest of our news, you can see the missions that are exciting to watch, even locking everyone in front of the screen with incredible conflicts, breathtaking games, scenes that make you laugh in many places and sometimes difficult missions.

Friendship Request

This is the first mission given by Lester Crest to the lead character, Michael De Santa, in “Grand Theft Auto V”. Your mission is to bombard Lifeinvader’s office in disguise. While this may seem simple, Michael will have to make a mini-game during the mission, which will cause you to close the popup on your computer. To get the gold medal, you need to clear them all in 32 seconds – you need to activate Michael’s time slowing ability.

Caida Libre (Free Fall)

In this mission we are working with Trevor and Michael, we need to shoot down a plane with advanced weapons. The action in this episode looks like action scenes from movies and may be one of the craziest episodes in the latest GTA game.

Flight School

We can clearly say that it is a very challenging task for game lovers who play GTA 5 for the first time. Many game lovers fill this section and ask questions such as how can we move on to another mission. But if you perceive this part as a flight training, learning to fly adds a lot to the game for you.

Minor Turbulence

Speaking of flight school, I should mention this part that tests your flying and weaponry skills. The tiny turbulence that gave the mission its name was experienced by another plane instead of yours, but the mission continues wildly as you can see in the GTA series.

Deep Inside

Almost all players who played GTA V know the cinema love of Michael, one of our 3 heroes. But this time Franklin and I went to the movie scene and we got in trouble. Based on good driving, classic cars that need to be delivered to the garage intact, and survival, this episode features vehicle components from the James Bond movie and a white hoodie.


Undoubtedly one of the most challenging missions in GTA V is to derail the train. It is important to destroy the enemy very quickly and as effectively as possible throughout the entire mission. If your goal is to win a gold medal at the end of the mission, with a little help, the suggested tools and game methods can make your job easier.

The Paleto Score

We know that this mission was created with the advice of a real thief and goes far beyond the classic bank robbery mission. You will never forget this episode. After using your Minigun to disperse the chaos, you will use a bulldozer chased by a tank. You can even turn it on from time to time and replay this episode.

The Big Score

In The Big Score, one of the movie-like missions in GTA V, your goal is to rob and control three characters individually. When you play it right, you can complete the mission in two different ways, which takes about half an hour.

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