by BleepingComputer according to the news, an advanced malware called BazaLoader spreads through fake emails that look like DMCA complaints.

Fake DMCA-looking emails sent as websites implicated in DDoS attacks or unknowingly publishing any copyrighted content actually contain links containing malware. The BazaLoader malware, which also actively uses advanced penetration testing tools such as Cobalt Strike, has a very high potential for data theft and ransomware attacks.

BleepingComputer has also received several fake DMCA emails in the past few months saying copyrighted images have been used without permission. In the message, we see that the victims were threatened with high sums of 120,000 dollars to click on the link before they had a chance to panic and think. The malicious link was created with Firebase to look legitimate.

Thanks to the fact that the mails sent by the attackers are very orderly and properly prepared and make use of legitimate-looking links, many mail providers manage to sell the spam filter and get the safe stamp.

What you need to do in order not to fall into such traps is to pay attention to whether there are any frivolity in the e-mails and whether there are any excesses that trigger human weaknesses such as fear. Because, as you can see from our example, most of the website owners will never click on the incoming link, but when they see 120 thousand dollars, the bait is already enough. In the cyber world you will only survive if you are very cautious and suspicious.

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Michael Lewis


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