Facebook announced that it has taken a decision regarding Afghanistan, where the eyes of the world are on its ears. Announcing that this decision covers all social networks belonging to Facebook together with Facebook, the authorities stated that Not a single one of their accounts praising the Taliban or sharing a message of support to the Taliban will be looked down upon. they said. Facebook does not directly delete the accounts of pages, groups or users that support the Taliban. will ban.

In the statements made by a Facebook spokesperson speaking to the BBC, it was stated that the decision was taken to be implemented. Speaking of languages ​​spoken in Afghanistan and a special team of people who know the region. According to the spokesman, this team is working with people and institutions that feel close to the Taliban, in languages ​​commonly used in Afghanistan. close to markja will take. The slightest sharing to be made in this process will lead to the closure of the account.

“The cool attitude of the government is none of our business. The Taliban is a terrorist organization”

In the statements made by the spokesperson of Facebook, the US government has declared the Taliban a terrorist organization and Facebook’s view is in this direction. The spokesperson said that they are aware of the fact that governments in various countries are close to recognizing the Taliban. that they don’t tie themselves explained.

The Taliban is one of the organizations that actively use the internet world. In this context, especially WhatsApp, Taliban is one of the communication tools actively used. The Facebook spokesperson, who opened a separate parenthesis about the world’s most used instant messaging application, claimed that it was founded directly by Taliban members. WhatsApp groups and that the studies on them are continuing. If it is determined that these groups belong to the Taliban or if new groups are opened in this process, these groups will also be removed from WhatsApp. will be blocked.

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