in the Marvel universe “what if everything was different”

Based on the concept of , What If. . . The animated series named was broadcast on the Disney + platform with its first episode yesterday (August 11). While the second season of the series, which Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for, has not even been released, What If. . . Pleasant statements came from Brad Winderbaum, the producer of .

Stating that they realized that there are many great ways to explore with animation, Winderbaum later added What If. . . second season of Including a build focusing on Baby Groot stated that they will sign many animated series.

What If. . . The next animated series will tell about Baby Groot

What If is the latest production of Marvel to meet its audience. . . , managed to create a great excitement before it started its broadcast life. The voices of the characters in this animated series, which reflect different universes in the MCU and contain different stories from the events shown in the movies, include Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway. One of the actors who gave life to the characters in Marvel productions is occurring.

Marvel What If. . . When we look at the IMDb score of , we see that it received 8.1 votes from 2,900 people in total. Although the number of votes was low, the reactions of Marvel fans to the series, Marvel’s decision to release an animated series. that you have taken the right step is enough to show.

Marvel’s future calendar, which wants to continue this success, has more than one animated series. Black Widow, Thor: Ragnarok and What If. . . Brad Winderbaum, who has produced productions such as Marvel fans are waiting for many more new productions. explained.

What If. . . Winderbaum, who has already given the news of the second season of , gave the following statements in his statements; “We realized that there are many great ways you can explore with animation. In order to tell the story of every single project we have undersigned, we need to turn it into an animation.”According to the information given by Winderbaum, in the future, focused on Baby Grootwe will witness many productions, including an animated series.

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