Cryptocurrency market is preparing for the next step towards the end of the year that can bring both Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin projects to new price levels. This sentiment was shared by analystsdollarsers and advocates who pointed to multiple market indicators reflecting bullish signals. Popular cryptocurrency trader Michaël Van de Poppe recently stated that altcoins will reach new highs during the bull cycle discussed on Twitter, and several altcoins have recorded significant price increases in the past weeks:

I think we are ready for the next chapter of the bull cycle, which means altcoins will reach levels beyond your imagination.

On top of all this, events prior to the price increase can create an intense fear of loss (FOMO) and cause investors to lose their investments. London-based media company The Economist advises investors to be careful in this direction.

Altcoin projects Solana and Cardano should be followed soon

The growing interest of institutional investors in Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) has given a great positive momentum to the prices. Since the trading volume is not superficial, investors are quite convinced that both altcoins will outperform in the long run. SOL is already up about 60% since last week and has managed to break through the $100 threshold, while ADA is already drawing a $3 pennant formation. A crypto content creator echoed the community’s views in the following statement;

Both Cardano and Solana made some big moves this month, raising over 100% and garnering good corporate attention along the way. There is almost no doubt at this point that crypto has a future, and even institutions know it.

Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) prepare for a big move

Meanwhile, DOT and ETH, like the ones mentioned above, are ready to padollar sonically. Analisdollarser is optimistic and claims that Polkadot could reach $40 if the nearest resistance levels are broken. Cryptocoin. com, ETH is poised to break $4,000 once again as prominent defenders are targeting $10,000 as a possible closing price for ETH.

As for Bitcoin, despite its price failing to stay above $50,000 and dropping to $49,200 from time to time, Bitcoin is still in a major ascending channel and on-chain expert William Clemente claims it will “probably break to the upside.”

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