Bitcoin, which fell hard after the statements of the FED Chairman, is currently trading at $ 31,600. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,900. Some interesting altcoin news for you today. Cryptocoin. com

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1 – Leading altcoin Ethereum expected to raise London in August

Ethereum’s London upgrade is set to be enabled on the Ethereum mainnet. According to the blog post, the update will be released at block height of 12 965 000, which is expected to occur between August 3 and 5. As mentioned, node operators will need to upgrade their client versions to be compatible with this.

Notably, these client versions differ from previous versions that supported London on testnets. Also, these versions consist of different EIP upgrades in London Hard Fork. However, the EIP-1559 proposal will replace the current transaction processing. The London upgrade includes the following EIPs: EIP-1559, EIP-3198, EIP-3529, EIP-3541 and EIP-3554.

2-Crypto. com, Polygon (MATIC) Your RSS feed announced the integration

Crypto. com announced the integration of the Polygon (MATIC) RSS feed into the Polygon price page. With this integration, users can access Crypto. They will receive the latest information about the Polygon platform without leaving com. Moreover, this will also empower users with the latest MATIC price, live charts, trading volume and other data.

Crypto recently. com has announced the list of MATIC tokens on their Syndicate platform. Therefore, the team has also integrated the RSS feed feature to help users access the latest news and updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

3 –Altcoin project Solana announced the commissioning of a bridge from Polygon to Solana

Altcoin project Solana announced that a bridge from Polygon to Solana has been put into service. Also, this bridge is called Solbridge, which aims to connect DeFi service providers between different chains. Interestingly, this is the first EVM compatible network for Solbridge and allows users to transfer assets from the EVM network to Solana.

Polygon is an easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Therefore, with Solbridge, participants can take advantage of both the Polygon and Solana ecosystems. Additionally, the team also has plans to upgrade this Solbridge to a DAO-style multi-chain hub to connect between EVM and non-EVM networks.

4 – NFT E-Commerce Platform NFTify is live now with impressive features

The e-commerce platform NFTify announced that it has launched. NFTify is a next-generation NFT e-commerce platform and is a one-stop-shop for designing an effective NFT marketplace. With this launch, NFTify is offering big discounts, free service and special promotions to early adopters of NFT stores. Specifically, users who pre-register by June 30 are considered early adopters.

Early adopters can take advantage of a service fee (2.5%) on each transaction when listing their tokens on N1. In addition, the top five stores with the highest transaction volume will be on the Best Sellers list. Additionally, early adopters can enjoy some exciting features such as one-click NFT store creation, highly customizable NFT stores, free Shopify of NFTs on the Web 3, and more. Additionally, the team also has plans to add more features based on early users’ feedback.

5 – Altcoin project Sentinel was one of the first projects to unlock Gravity DEX

In the last part of today’s altcoin news, there is the altcoin project Sentinel, which announced the unlocking of Gravity DEX through Emeris. According to the official announcement, Emeris aims to be a one-stop protocol for all crypto applications. The team stated that the beta version of Emeris will be released in the coming days.

Also, the Gravity DEX protocol uses the Equivalent Swap Price Model (ESPM) to improve price consistency and reduce arbitrage opportunities. Sentinel Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) bandwidth marketplace. Notably, the transaction fees on Gravity DEX are series low, coming in at just 8 cents. With this upgrade, the Sentinel community became one of the first projects to unlock Gravity DEX via Emeris.

6 – Two more cryptocurrencies are listed in the leverage section of the Bitrue (BTR) exchange

Two more cryptocurrencies are listed in the leverage section of the Bitrue (BTR) exchange. Nine days after the XRP listing, leverage tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) and Cardano (ADA) became available. According to the official announcement by the Bitrue (BTR) team, the newly launched “Leverage” module now supports two tokens based on the popular altcoin Cardano (ADA) and Bitcoin (BTC).

7- Major RippleNet partner Bank of Thailand got approval!

Siam Commercial Bank, one of the largest private banks in Southeast Asia, has obtained a license for its operations with the RippleNet digital payment processor.

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