The DeFi coin space has been in the limelight lately and has experienced an unprecedented price rally in 2020. The researchers called the last year, which became one of the core DeFi updates, the “DeFi year.” If DeFi is your favorite industry, starting the 3rd week of September Cryptocoin. com do not miss these important DeFi updates that we have compiled for you.

1. SiberFi, partnership with Allbridge

SiberFi, the first smart trading and automation platform, has recently strategically partnered with Allbridge. Therefore, CyberFi native tokens CFI will enjoy unlimited bridge access from Ethereum to Solana Blockchain. As a result, CFI interoperability will increase with other chains.

https://twitter. com/cyberfi_tech/status/1440303098589708288

2. DeFi coin project Harvest Finance partnership with Coin98

Harvest Finance, a well-known automated yield farming protocol, has partnered with Coin98 wallet. Now over 400,000 users can interact with Coin98 wallets seamlessly and securely. This will provide users with more opportunities to invest in crypto assets. Therefore, this partnership is also an important success for Harvest Finance. As a result, he is launching a raid on Asia with his HarvestInAsia campaign.

https://twitter. com/harvest_finance/status/1440309961695776769

3. Ferrum Network’s tokens are now on three major chains

Ferrum Network’s native tokens (FRM) have recently gone live on three major blockchains. The network includes Ethereum (Uniswap), Polygon (Dfyn), and Binance Smart Chain (ApeSwap). As a result, you can now move your funds quickly using Ferrum’s cross-chain token bridge.

https://twitter. com/FerrumNetwork/status/1440787655902449665

4. Polkacover partnership with InsurAce

InsurAce joins the Polkacover ecosystem. It will operate as its second official partner on the insurance platform Polkacover. Therefore, this partnership will provide better options for smart contract insurance in the decentralized insurance market. Interestingly, InsurAce was Polkacover’s first official partner.

https://twitter. com/PolkaCover/status/1438919950664495106

5. Ellipal Wallet partnership with Swft Blockchain

Popular next-generation cold wallet Ellipal Wallet has strategically partnered with Swft Blockchain. Thanks to the partnership, users can receive ALPACA, WBNB, FTM, BIMP, etc. in their Ellipal wallet. crypto assets will have access to multiple cross-chain exchange options.

https://twitter. com/ellipalwallet/status/1438538957390815239

6. DeFI coin project Avalanche and Kyber Network partnership

Kyber Network announced the details of a partnership with the Avalanche foundation. Together, both platforms will function to facilitate the launch of KyberDMM. Additionally, KyberDMM will be the first multi-chain amik Market Maker (DMM) in Avalanche.

https://twitter. com/KyberNetwork/status/1438713017575751680

7. DeFi coin project Polygon launches Bug Bounty project

Decentralized technology protocol Polygon recently launched a bug bounty project on ImmuneFi. The protocol imposed a maximum reward of $2 million for each critical bug found. Therefore, this program will help prevent: Loss of users’ funds; Permanent freezing; Unclaimed yield theft; Network shutdown; Temporary freezing of funds; Smart contract gas drainage, among others.

https://twitter. com/0xPolygon/status/1439990295093993474

8. Crypto. com launches NFT platform

Crypto. com recently launched an NFT platform for interested creators. To access the NFT platform, users must first apply. Once approved, users can seamlessly print and list their collections on the recently launched market.

https://twitter. com/cryptocomnft/status/1440349691225411594

9. Defi coin project GameFi, My Defi Pet partnership

GameFi is a one-stop shop for game financing and has revealed a strategic partnership with My DeFi Pet. Through the association, lifestyle-based pet games will be available on the GameFi NFT market.

https://twitter. com/GameFi_Official/status/1439813022466420736

10. DeFi11 integrates Chainlink data feeds

Chainlink, a popular Oracle platform, has been named the official sports streaming supplier for DeFi11, a sports-focused DeFi and NFT platform. The Oracle platform will provide reliable, secure and accurate information to the Blockchain fantasy league platform.

https://twitter. com/chainlink/status/1439229877803171842

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