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After making its daily high of $34,878, Bitcoin underwent a correction and is trading at $32,870. Meanwhile, Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, is trading close to $2,120. We have compiled some interesting altcoin news for you today, let’s examine it in detail…

1 – Crypto. com has received an EMI license from Malta Financial Services Authority

Crypto. com announced that it is the first global cryptocurrency platform to obtain an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). As mentioned, this EMI license is Crypto. com to issue cards and offer bank transfers directly to consumers. Crypto recently. com (CRO) became the first global cryptocurrency platform to receive a Class 3 Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) License from the MFSA.

So this is Crypto. An important milestone for com to provide a secure and compliant crypto trading ecosystem. Crypto. com co-founder and CEO Kris Marszalek stated that the team looks forward to acquiring more licenses in each country where they operate. Especially Crypto. com received an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) in December 2020. Therefore, this venture is Crypto. It can encourage the growth of the com ecosystem by cadulation. Altcoin project Crypto. com (CRO) is currently trading slightly higher.

2 – Socios. com enters official partnership with Boston Celtics

From the NBA, Boston Celtics, Socios. announced its partnership with com. In addition, the Boston Celtics are a world-renowned brand and 17-time World Champion. Meanwhile, Socios. com is a fan engagement platform that generates Chiliz Blockcahin fan tokens.

With this collaboration Socios. com, Celtics. com and will serve as the team’s website presentation partner. It will also take you to the Celtics headquarters for news, updates, featured videos, and franchise information. Recently, AC Milan, Barcelona and other sports organizations are also Socios. com and its fan tokens. As such, the Boston Celtics are now the latest team to use this platform for fan engagement.

3 – Alchemy, the popular altcoin Polygon on Blockchain announced its launch

Leading Blockchain development platform Alchemy announced the launch of the popular altcoin Polygon on its Blockchain (formerly Matic). Essentially, Alchemy’s platform focuses on streamlining the Ethereum development process. Additionally, this platform has a set of development tools, condensed APIs, and superior infrastructure for nodes.

Impressively, Alchemy has supported over $30 billion transactions in 99% of all countries. With this coalition, Polygon will help accelerate this growth and provide a variety of tailored DeFi solutions. Additionally, this will also help Ethereum developers develop their current and future dApps using Polygon’s high-speed, low-cost, and secure infrastructure.

4 – IOI Gameintroduced monthly prize pool to players

IOI Game introduced the monthly prize pool to the players. IOI Game named Trade Race Manager is an NFT trading game. This game centers around a play-to-win model powered by decentralized finance. Interestingly, racers can earn lucrative rewards by purchasing multiple shares in a special series of racing pisdollars.

Additionally, the team has launched a special Premium offer to increase player rewards. This offer includes a free NFT car and avatar. As mentioned, this season will kick off on July 8 and the monthly prize pools include $2000 worth of IOI. In addition, the top 10 racers can also get a chance to win $1,000 IOI.

5 – NFTify airdrop


for With CoinMarketCap cooperation doing

We see that NFTify cooperates with CoinMarketCap to make a big airdrop. According to the tweet, the team is giving an airdrop of 250,000 N1 altcoin tokens to early adopters. Also, these early adopters will have the chance to pre-test the NFTify platform when it officially launches.

Specifically, these N1 tokens can be received by 1,000 winners. The team also stated that the NFTify platform will go live on July 14. Additionally, adopters can enjoy benefits such as free store setup, zero transaction fees when listing NFTs on N1, constructive feedback rewards, and more.

6- Sentinel’s dVPN Network live on popular altcoin Cosmos with advanced features

Sentinel’s dVPN Network is live on popular altcoin Cosmos with advanced features. According to the tweet, this decentralized virtual private network (dVPN) was launched with over 20 community members hosting exit nodes based on WireGuard. The Sentinel Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) bandwidth marketplace.

Sentinel integrates with any Blockchain or dApp to provide users with both privacy and censorship resistance. With this upgrade, the new dVPN network in Cosmos is available via the command line interface (CLI). This upgrade will further improve its privacy and reward features. Additionally, the team has plans to launch full-fledged desktop apps.

7- Crypto. com enters historic partnership with UFC

Crypto. com entered into a historic partnership with the UFC. UFC is the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization (MMA) with over 625 million fans and 155 million social media followers. According to the tweet, Crypto. com now places their brand on the UFC fight kidollar series worn by UFC athletes in any competition.

Impressively Crypto. com will be named the first official cryptocurrency platform partner of the UFC, a new sponsorship category for the UFC. Besides that, Crypto. com will be integrated into UFC content on both linear and digital platforms. Crypto. com, Crypto. One of the fastest growing crypto apps along with com Visa card, exchange and DeFi wallet. So this will expand its engagement with mainstream consumers. Crypto. com (CRO) token is also currently trading with a small increase.

8- The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has completed its 4th year

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has completed its 4th year today. On this occasion, Binance CEO CZ, told about the journey of the stock market in the last four years. He highlighted the regulatory framework and trading policies followed by the exchange to secure users’ funds. He also briefed on the future regulations and adoption of cryptocurrency in different countries.

In addition, CZ also talked about the Binance assistance program and how it has helped in the case of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Recently, Binance burned $595 million worth of BNB tokens in its 15th token burn. Moreover, it was the largest cryptocurrency burn ever, pushing the price of BNB from $37.39 to over $600 since January. The Binance team is most likely preparing for the Q16 BNB burn.

9- Shiden secures third Parachain slot on altcoin project Kusama

Shiden has secured the third Parachain slot on altcoin project Kusama. In addition, Shiden is a smart contract platform for Kusama-based DApps with multi-chain support for Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly-based contracts. It also offers Tier 2 solutions that improve network scalability and transaction speeds. As noted, Shiden won this auction with a total of 137,020 KSM bonds worth approximately $29 million at current prices.

Specifically, Parachain auctions allow altcoin projects to compete for one of Kusama’s 100 parachains. These auctions are run through a kidollarse loan, in which project participants agree to lock KSM into parachain offerings in exchange for governance tokens. The team plans to reveal the participant’s details in the near future.

10- Altcoin project Lossless Protocol launches liquidity doubledollars with 451% APY

Lossless Protocol is launching its liquidity double dollar cycle at Unicrypt. Unicrypt is the industry leader in DeFi protocol for liquidity lock-in. The team allocated $400,000 in LSS for liquidity providers. Interestingly, Liquidity farm offers 451% APY to its users.

Lossless offers a DeFi hack mitigation tool for altcoin creators through a variety of fraud detection methods. It automatically reverses stolen altcoin tokens while detecting hackers and fraudulent transactions. Additionally, Liquidity Providers will receive the 0.3% base exchange fee provided by Uniswap. Additionally, providers also receive LSS rewards for providing LSS-ETH LP altcoin tokens on Lossless Farm. As a result, this liquidity double dollar will attract more users.

11- Splinterlands rental system is live!

The rental system includes the now-published Splinterlands. With this launch, users can now rent Splinterlands cardollars using smart contracts. As mentioned, this new system allows for daily rental of kardollarsars for Dark Energy Crystals via the Splinterlands site. Cryptocoin. com, Kardollarsar’s first rental price is extremely reasonable for everyone.

Interestingly, players can now experiment with a wide variety of cardollarsars as long as they have a small stack of Dark Energy Crystals to pay for their daily rental. Splinterlands is a collectible trading card game powered by Blockchain technology. Therefore, this Rental system will attract more players and revitalize the gaming industry.

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