Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone and technology brands in China, opened its first factory in America in New York in the past months. This factory, known as Xiaomi Salcomp, is not on the country’s agenda, but with the smartphones it produces. dismissal

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The workers of the factory were called to work by force despite the weekends, a report was kept about the employees who did not go to work, and that some workers feedollarseri not deposited claimed.

Employees forced to resign:

The workers, who went on strike in front of the Xiaomi Salcomp factory, said in a statement that employees affiliated with any union were forced to resign and they were dismissed as the reason for their dismissal. poor performance’ or ‘ the late arrival to the working hours said it was showing. In addition, the workers claimed that the production manager made negative behaviors and accusations about the employees’ work preferences.

As there is no proof of these statements, there is no official statement from Xiaomi officials yet. About this event We reached Xiaomi officials and requested an explanation from them. If an official statement comes from Xiaomi, we will share this statement with you.

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