Personally, as a user of phones with OLED-derived panels for many years and OLED TV for the last year, I really like the feeling of depth offered by this type of panel screen. I’ve reviewed countless laptop models and seen many beautiful panels, but OLED still holds its own.

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In fact, the company’s only strategy is not on this type of panel, but on the one hand, it develops Mini LEDs in its monitors and produces the best monitors in its field. On the other hand it surprises with 360 Hz IPS. It also focuses on panels that offer the highest Hz in its laptops, especially on ROG models. But when it comes to the Ultrabook class, the thin, compact and energy efficient, wide color gamut panel dominates. As a certain type of panel becomes more common and the number of orders in production increases, its cost decreases. Therefore, although Ultrabook class devices are still more expensive than conventional laptops, the high cost we expect when it comes to OLED screen laptops is not in question in UX325. For these devices, ASUS must have brought the OLED panel cost of the device closer to standard quality other types of panels in its class.

Compared to previous models, the laptop’s case is 14 mm thinner and 17-14 = 3 mm thinner. This is not a feature that I personally care about in 2021, but still, the diamond cut, stylish and circular lines look very elegant in the aluminum case. The amount of metal in the case is not small, we can say that this is a small but dense laptop. 1.1 Kilogram weight is very successful. Official data is 1.07 kilograms for the UX325 and 1.13 kilograms for the UX425. The dimensions are 304 for the UX325. 2x203x13. 319x208x13 for 9mm and UX425. 9mm.

They designed the keyboard to cover the whole area inside the body, and the numeric keypad is again included in the Touad area so that the keys are wide. Illuminated touch numeric keys do not feel like physical keys, but the solution is of course flexible for the user.

The ErgoLift keyboard design also uses the bottom of the screen to raise the computer when the laptop is turned on. In other words, the keyboard is slightly angled, the computer takes air from the bottom and cools better. Since there is no external and powerful graphics card, we can say that the cooling device is only busy with the processor. In this way, it can also work silently, it can also do its job with the fan noise, which is audible in high performance mode, but does not disturb.

There is a face-recognition camera system with IR sensor and Windows Hello support on the screen. Suitable for training and meetings, but not ideal for Twitch streamers. The system configuration is already designed for computer users, not gamers.

One of the most advanced and beautiful aspects of the system is that it can charge more than half of its battery in an hour with a tiny 65-Watt charger via Type-C. It is possible to work 8 hours with a fully charged battery, but if you work outdoors under bright light, the time naturally decreases if you turn the screen brightness down. The high brightness of the screen is an advantage in such cases.

These series computers come with Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 options as well as soldered RAM. That’s why choosing at least 16 GB is important. The use of this soldered RAM, which reduces energy consumption, makes it impossible to increase the memory of the system. Different Ultrabook models have 8, 16, 24 and 32 GB RAM options. Our recommendation for this system is 16 GB.

M. 2 SSD is also chosen from very fast models, there are 512, 1 TB and even 2 TB SSD options. Since the SSD price is very high in our country, we can usually see 512 in stocks, less users prefer laptops with 1 TB and above SSD due to the price difference. Professionals actually need storage, but since the system has dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, fast TB and USB SSD storage is also possible to plug in.

In terms of speed, Wi-Fi 6 is now our standard expectation from such devices and is met. In addition, adapter cables with Type-C on one end and RJ45 on the other end and Type-C on one end and 3.5 mm on the other end are also included in the box. While I personally don’t like multi-adapter systems, these eliminate major cons for some users. Although I don’t use them every day, it’s nice to have them at hand sometimes in case of an emergency and need.

In addition to 2 TB ports, there is a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, formerly USB 3 classic slot, an HDMI 1.4 video output and a microSD card reader. The microSD card reader is usually included by ASUS as a bonus if another slot won’t fit. It’s not very common, except for action camera use, but it does work.

ASUS ZENBOOK 13 OLED UX325 CORE i5 1135G7 2. 4GHZ-8GB RAM-512GB SSD-13. A version with 8 RAMs and 512 SSDs listed as 3″-INT-W10 currently costs 10,500 Dollars. Although Dollars/Dollars keep changing, we can see that fiyadollars are fixed for certain periods during campaign periods. Moreover, it is nice to see prices below 11,000 Dollars across the market for models with such advanced cases, ports and screens.

Finally, let’s note that the system we reviewed comes with Windows 10 and meets the TPM 2.0 requirement, so it can be upgraded with the Windows 11 update.

Who should not buy it: Players who want to play games with high graphics requirements at high FPS should look at the ROG series and not buy Ultrabook class devices.

Those who are simply looking for the cheapest laptops should check out ASUS’ classic cases. Those who want a light and thin case and want more affordable should also check the VivoBook series products.

Who should buy it: Those who attach great importance to the screen and prioritize visuality. Those who want an easy portable computer. Those who care about a solid case and metal feel and appearance. Tired of classic laptop chargers.

Let us also remind you that there are ZenBook Pro Duo models for higher level professional work.

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