If you’re looking for a portable projector, ASUS Zenbeam E2 and Zenbeam Latte L1 are models designed for that purpose. These are devices suitable for outdoor use in suitable weather conditions.

Of course, being so small and portable brings some limitations. If they could be made this small without sacrificing some of their features, we’d see all projectors in this size, in adollars.

If you ask what these constraints are, we can first say that the maximum brightness is low. Therefore, they are not suitable for use in very bright rooms during the daytime.

Zenbeam E2

I can say that Zenbeam E2 represents the highest level of portability. It comes in a very stylish out-of-box carrying case with ASUS Zenbeam written on it and a hook-and-loop closure.

I don’t think this bag will do much in a fall from height because it doesn’t have enough padding. However, it will protect the projector from minor bumps and scratches.

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Battery Capacity

The Zenbeam E2 model has a length of 110 millimeters, a depth of 107mm, a thickness of 40mm, and a weight of 410 g. It is not easy to make a projector of this size. Because these devices have very high power requirements.

It has both a high-brightness LED and a fan that must be on all the time. There is also a 5 Watt speaker specific to this model. Battery selection is very important in order to reduce the size so much and keep the device working for a satisfactory time.

ASUS Zenbeam E2 uses a 6000 mAh battery. It offers a full 4 hours of use in battery saving mode. However, this time decreases when you use other modes where the brightness of the LED increases.


The gray part you see on the E2’s body is aluminum and the black part is plastic manufactured. I think this aluminum can be easily scratched if care is not taken, so it is important to carry it in your bag.

Since the device also has a fan, we see air holes around it. It’s nice to have these holes in multiple places, because this projector can also be used in portrait mode.

In other words, you can use it by taking it to portrait mode to view vertical video content such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts. The E2 automatically detects this and automatically adjusts the aspect ratio known as the aspect ratio (like 16:9 to 9:16).

Zenbeam E2 can display at 854×480 resolution and has 300 lumen brightness. You can get a very selectable image in slightly dim environments. However, if you do not pull the blinds to cut the light, the light of the device is not enough. But let me also point out that mudollarka you do not need a blackout curtain.

The power button and adapter port of the device are located on the back. The rear also has an HDMI input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB-Type-A slot for the out-of-the-box Wi-Fi dongle.

Image Transfer Options

You can transfer images in 2 ways, wired and wireless. If you want, you can directly connect the HDMI cable from your computer, or you can get images wirelessly using your smartphone.

There is no operating system or player inside the device. In other words, you cannot display your movies and photos by copying them to your USB memory stick and inserting them into this projector. Requires player resource such as a computer or mobile phone.

Zenbeam Latte L1

As a more advanced solution than Zenbeam E2, ASUS offers us the Zenbeam Latte L1 model. Again, quite portable, as you can tell from the name, it’s a full-size projector, similar to the glasses in coffee chains. Its size is yellow 90x131x90 mm and its weight is 585 grams.

In Latte, the brightness was kept the same as 300 lumens, the thing that increased was the resolution. This device can project at 1280x720p resolution. This creates a noticeable increase in quality over the Zenbeam E2. Especially if you want to use the projector remotely and create a wide viewing area on your wall, the result is better quality.

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Battery Capacity

Latte model has the same capacity as the E2. However, due to some advanced features, the working time is reduced from 4 to 3 hours. First of all, Latte has an Android-based operating system running inside it.

Although Google Play Store is not an app store, there is an alternative Aptoide store to it. With this, you can install video streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and YouTube, and watch videos, movies and series from the internet.

Bluetooth Speaker Mode

Latte model uses larger 10W Harman-Kardon brand speakers. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth feature, for example, you can connect with your smartphone and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. In this mode, the device has a full 10 hours of battery life.


It seems like a bit more durable thanks to its non-latte fabric coating and thicker cover looks. All the keys of the device are located at the top. Using these keys, you can easily navigate through the menus and turn features such as Bluetooth on and off with a single button.

Also, a remote comes out of the Latte’s box. In terms of input and output sockets, it is very similar to the Zenbeam E2 model.

There is a tripod connection point at the bottom of both devices for use with a tripod. In addition, a tiny foot is placed under the Zenbeam Latte so that you can increase the height.

Again, the battery life of the LED lighting of both products is quite a long time, like 30,000 hours if you use it in saving mode. In high-performance and cost-effective 4K projectors we usually see half that, 15,000 hours. One plus of LEDs that give off less light is that they have such a long lifespan.

Auto Keystone

As someone who uses a projector instead of a TV in the living room for a long time I find the automatic keystone setting really important. Both of the Zenbeam products mentioned in this video have automatic keystone adjustment. Thanks to this setting, the slope of the ground on which you put the device is automatically detected and the image is sent at an angle to compensate for this.

Features I Feel Lacking

For example, automatic shutdown of the LED when an object is detected in front of the device with the obstacle detector. This feature is really important for projectors to be used in family environments with small children.

In addition to this, I would like to see an automatic nedollarseme feature. We can do nedollarsing manually with the wheel next to both devices. But measuring the distance between the wall and the projector with a laser distance meter with a single button and automatic adjustment was a feature that I saw and liked in some projections. I would like to see this feature in Zenbeams as well.

Results Review

Whether it’s for business purposes or for use in your activities such as camping, Zenbeam E2 and Latte have been successful products that meet the needs. Run times on a single charge are enough to watch a feature film and increase. In addition, the portrait mode of the E2 and the ability to use the Latte as a Bluetooth speaker are features that make the products attractive for different kids.

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