Introduced at CES® 2021, these cutting-edge peripherals are designed to offer gamers superior control and tactical advantage in online gaming and esports events. Both products were awarded the 2021 Red Dot award in the Computer and Information Technologies category.

The ROG Claymore II gaming keyboard offers new and exciting ways to play. Gamers can set up their ideal gaming system by attaching the detachable numeric keyboard to the side of the TKL (TenKeyLess – non-numeric keypad) keyboard. Claymore II, which can be used both wired and wirelessly, features special Aura Sync lighting that can be synchronized with other Aura compatible components and peripherals.

ROG Gladius III and ROG Gladius III Wireless models offer precise control with almost no delays, with a 19,000 dpi optical sensor (increased to 26,000 dpi). Both models utilize the Push-Sabidollarsenen Key Slot II design. Compatible with both mechanical and Omron optical microswitches, this design ensures that the keys work as soon as they are pressed and prevents unwanted clicks. In addition, the flexible ROG Paracord cable and 100% TPFE mouse feet with rounded edges create an extremely fluid usage experience. The classic asymmetrical design of these two new gaming mice fits perfectly with different right-handed grip styles. Both models have patterned and non-slip side panels. These panels feature laser-printed ROG design and RGB lighting.

ROG Claymore II can be used as a stand-alone 80% full-size TKL keyboard or 100% size with a numeric keyboard. Users can attach the numeric keyboard to the right or left according to their preferences. Claymore II, which has a new slot design unlike the previous model, provides a more stable and secure attachment of the numerical keyboard. The model also features customizable keys, a wheel for volume control and a removable wrist rest for a more comfortable typing experience.

ROG Claymore II can use ROG RX Blue or RX Red optical mechanical switches. First used on the ROG Strix Scope RX gaming keyboard, these premium switches come with a hollow square handle design and built-in RGB LEDs that provide individual lighting for each key. Lighting effects can be synchronized with wireless Aura Sync technology. This design reduces surge latency to almost zero, providing instantaneous response when the button is pressed. The hollow square handle and X stabilizer mechanism work together to provide a consistent and shake-free keystroke experience and a long-lasting use that can withstand 100 million presses.

ROG Claymore II offers 1ms response time in both wired and wireless 2.4GHz modes. It comes with a USB-C® cable and a USB-C to USB Type A adapter. Thanks to the high USB-C bandwidth, users can fast charge the keyboard or connect it to other devices via the pass-through connector on the back of the keyboard.

ROG Gladius III Wireless, which has three different connection modes; It can be connected via ultra-fast 2.4 GHz RF, energy-efficient Bluetooth® LE or wired USB. Users can choose the mode that suits them best, depending on the situation. With Bluetooth fast pairing technology, users Match By pressing the button, he can use the mouse on three different devices.

The ROG Gladius III series’ premium optical sensor offers unrivaled precision. Offering sensitivity between 100 – 26,000 dpi with a class-leading 1% deviation, the products can track perfect motion at a speed of 1016 cm per second with 50 g acceleration. The optical sensor also eliminates latency with a 1000Hz query rate in 2.4GHz wireless and wired modes. Users can save up to five profiles to the internal memory.

Mechanical switches use the ripple method to make the button work, resulting in a delay in clicking. The unique articulated button design of the Gladius III has no gaps between the mouse button and the key, so you get a response as soon as you press the button. Custom-tuned firmware filters out accidental clicks on both mechanical and optical microswitches, giving gamers a competitive edge.

The push Sabidollarsenen Switch Slot II design allows instant replacement of traditional 3-pin mechanical switches and the latest 5-pin Omron® optical microswitches. Thanks to this innovative slot design, users can choose the one that best suits their playing style among switches with different usage experiences and features. The reinforced slot also reduces wobbling for a consistent click experience.

ROG Gladius III has laser-printed ROG patterns on the side. The ROG Paracord cable and 100% PTFE mouse feet with rounded edges also provide a smooth use experience.

Connection options Wired USB 2.0 Type-C® / RF 2.4 GHz
Key switches ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches (Red and Blue)
Lineup 100%, 104 (US) keys
Keyboard backlight RGB LED per key, RGB battery indicators, ROG logo
Anti ghosting N-Key toggle
Query rate 1000Hz
Macro keys All keys are programmable except Fn, Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Windows and Left ALT
Macro recording Support for recording while in use
Battery type Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Cable type Braided fiber, Type-C to Type-C
Cable length 1.8m
Supported operating systems Windows 10
Package content 1 x ROG Claymore II keyboard
1 x ROG Claymore II numeric keyboard
1 x USB Type C to Type C cable
1 x USB wireless device
1 x wireless extender
1 x USB Type C to Type A adapter
1 x Magnet faux leather wrist rest
1 x Thank you card
1 x ROG sticker
1 x Warranty booklet
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Transparent reference map
Internal Memory 5 customizable profiles
1 default profile
Software Armory Crate
Media keys Play/Pause
Fast forward
Increase volume
Decrease volume
Mute / Unmute
Boyudollarsar Item: 462 x 155 x 39 mm
Color box: 540 x 190 x 84 mm
Weight Product: Approx. 1,156 kg (with cable)
Color box: Approx. 2,207 kg
ROG Gladius III Wireless gaming mouse ROG Gladius III gaming mouse
Connection options RF 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth® / Wired Wired
Sensor 19. 000dpi 19. 000dpi
(set to 26,000 dpi) (set to 26,000 dpi)
Max. speed / acceleration 400 ips / 50 g 400 ips / 50 g
Pushing Sabidollarsenen Key Slot II design Yes Yes
Micro switch ROG micro switch (70 million click life) ROG micro switch (70 million click life)
Battery life (RGB off) RF: 55 hours
Bluetooth: 85 hours
DPI On-The-Scroll Yes Yes
Programmable keys 6 6
Side keys 2 2
RGB lighting effectdollarseries RGB in 3 regions RGB in 3 regions
Bluetooth fast pairing Yes, up to 3 devices
Internal memory profile 5 5
Articulated key mechanism Yes Yes
Weight 89g 79g
Boyudollarsar 126 x 67 x 45mm 126 x 67 x 45mm
Cable type 2.0m ROG Paracord 2.0m ROG Paracord

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