ROG, which introduced ROG RX Red and Blue Optical Mechanical Switch models in the past year, now offers gamers more options with ROG NX Red, NX Brown and NX Blue Mechanical Switches.

ROG NX Mechanical Switch Series features cross-shaped standard grips that are compatible with most keycaps on the market. The switches, each with different power curves, give a great feeling of use. While the ROG NX Red and NX Brown mechanical switches operate and reset at the same point (1.8mm for NX Red, 2.0mm for NX Brown), there is very little difference between the actuation and reset points of the ROG NX Blue mechanical switches (0, 1mm) ROG switches, each working and resetting extremely consistently, provide far better gaming experiences.

The all-new ROG NX Mechanical Switches exceed the industry standard with +/- 5 gf power tolerance and +/- 0.4 mm keystroke distance, delivering consistent feel with every press and unmatched gaming experiences.

ROG NX Red Mechanical Switches are responsive with a 1.8mm actuation point. These switches, which require 40 gf of power to start, prevent accidental pressing of the keys, while the pressing power requirement of up to 55 gf gives an excellent sense of return. As a result, every hit is instantaneous and feels fluid and linear.

ROG NX Brown Mechanical Switches feature a 2mm actuation point preferred by brown switch users. With a pressing force requirement of 58 gf and a click rate of 33%, each stroke provides a more effective and stronger tactile response.

ROG NX Blue: ROG NX Blue Mechanical Switches feel solid and impressive with every hit, with a 2.3mm actuation point and standard 16% click rate, as well as a gaming enthusiast’s choice of 65 gf of pressing force.

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